The Clarins Orchid

Say hello to the Clarins Orchid, the Renanthera Clarins Christian & Olivier.

A distinctive bloom, its velvety petals and sepals (outer floral parts/calyx) are a fiery crimson overlaid with blood-red spots, setting off the centre yellow lip beautifully.

Named after the sons of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the founder of the brand, this flower was crossed from a hybrid bred in Malaysia (Renanthera Kalsom) and one bred in the US (Renanthera Mauricete Brin). The latter has been awarded a First Class Certificate (FCC) by the American Orchid Society, the highest accolade for flower quality.

This spectacular cross bloom was specially bred by Singapore Botanic Gardens as a tribute to Clarins, for its continual efforts to support and raise awareness of sustainable development and biodiversity.

– Clarins Singapore

These efforts include the creation of a Learning Garden at the 2008 Singapore Garden Festival to teach little ones about environmental conservation through play, as well as the re-introduction of the Tiger Orchid to the cityscape and the sponsoring of in-store floral window displays at Tangs Orchard, in promotion of the Orchid Conservation Story in 2010.

It’s always heartening to see a premium brand marry its commercial and environmental interests. While improving sales is the aim of any company, it’s nice to know that not only does the brand use natural sources for its products, it also contributes to their sustainability.

I’m impressed by the fact that Clarins actually has a flower to its name and an exotic orchid, no less. I’ve always felt that orchids seem to have more character than other ubiquitous flowers. Perhaps it’s because they come in a plethora of intriguing shapes and colours.

At once fragile and resilient, the Clarins Orchid only blooms for two to three weeks. If you’re visiting the National Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens this weekend, do take a look at this brilliantly-coloured flower; it might be your last chance this year!

Here’s a beautiful cloth fan emblazoned with a print of the Clarins blooms. I don’t think it’s readily available but…

To celebrate the blossoming of this lovely orchid, the brand is offering customers a chance to win one of five limited edition Renanthera Clarins Christian & Olivier gold-plated Risis brooches, with any purchase from the Clarins counters from now till 21 June 2012.

❀ Good luck! ❀

Here are some of the sights I chanced upon while traipsing through the orchid garden:

The blooms were resplendent under the sunlight and a vivid visual treat!

Image source: Clarins Singapore


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