Penhaligon’s Perfume Pendant

Here’s a lovely way to carry your favourite Penhaligon’s fragrance with you.

A special jewellery piece, the Penhaligon’s Silver Oval Scent Bottle Pendant comes with a funnel for directing the fragrance into the receptacle (just spritz!), as well as a petite dipper for applying the scent.

Made in Italy, the sterling silver perfume pendant comes with a long chain.

In Singapore, this quirky accessory retails at S$342 and can be found at the Penhaligon’s boutique at Ion Orchard. It’s pricey, I’ll admit but it’s certainly a unique ornament for adornment.

Image source: Penhaligon’s


  • Beauty Box says:

    Oh my, what luxury…it’s a brand of perfume that I have always admired from afar but never purchased…

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Beauty Box,

      Yes – it’s a splurge. Almost tempted (I love the heft of the pendant and its shiny surface) but I can’t take silver around my neck; I’d break out in a rash after a while!

      I’m told Pen’s has a departmental store presence in Japan. Do explore the brand at Isetan. Would love to know what you think of it. :)

  • Moni says:

    Very Neat. I just browsed their web yesterday. I think it’s time to pop by once! I’m curious about bluebell!

    Also loving the web revamp. looks nice :D!

    • makeupmag says:

      Thank you, Moni! :)

      You should – the Pen’s people are very kind and what I like is that they won’t scoff at people who are new to fragrances (I learnt a lot from them too!). It might be a high-end brand but it’s clear they also aim to educate customers on fragrance appreciation.

      You should set up a fragrance profiling session with them. Please tell me all about your experience; am looking forward to seeing what you (might) end up with!

      PS: I’ve sniffed Bluebell but I won’t tell you my thoughts on it till you’ve had a chance to smell it yourself. ;) Have fun!

      PPS: Pen’s is at Level 3 of Ion Orchard, opposite Marmalade Pantry. Quite convenient for you.

      • Moni says:

        Yes, I walked a few times past :D

        Thanks for the lovely help. Will pop by this week!
        I am not a big fragrance user, therefore not really “experienced” in this field :) will let you know how it goes :D!!

        • makeupmag says:

          Hey Moni,

          Am looking forward to hearing about your experience at the store.

          I just enabled a friend to purchase a candle in one of their best-selling scents! ;) Now’s a good time to visit – several items are currently on sale. Happy browsing/shopping. :)

  • Alicia says:

    I’ve walked past once but it’s so intimidating, I dare not walk in. =X

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Alicia,

      Don’t be intimidated! The staff are really nice and they’d love for you to explore the brand, I’m sure. If anything, it’s a lovely artistic store. No obligations to buy anything; just go and take a look.

      PS: The fragrance wall is something else! ;)

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