Shiseido Lacquer Rouge for Autumn/Winter 2012

This year, Shiseido introduces its Lacquer Rouge range.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese lacquer artistry, the liquid formulation of the range has the colour depth and lustre of lacquer ware.

The brand promises moisture and adherence but Iris, who just purchased a couple of these new lip rouges, told me that they can be a bit drying (she did mention that her lips are perpetually dry) and that they transfer from the lips to utensils.

A balm beneath might help, and the brand recommends the blot-and-reapply method for a longer-lasting finish.

The colours are richly-pigmented and impart a beautiful shine – they’re certainly worth a try if you have a penchant for glossy opaque hues.

Available are:

  • Drama RD501
  • Savage RD702
  • Portrait RD203
  • Disco RS404
  • Nymph RD305
  • Camel BE306
  • Nocturne RD607
  • Blaze OR508
  • Carnelian RD309
  • Amethyst PK310
  • Rubelite RD311
  • Sunstone RS312

Here are swatches of these laminated lovelies, courtesy of Sophia.

Of the 12, Carnelian RD309, Amethyst PK310, Rubelite RD311 and Sunstone RS312 are Asia-exclusive colours.

The incredible shine is reminiscent of nail varnish – the brand should consider creating corresponding nail colour shades!

Shiseido’s Makeup Artistic Director Dick Page aptly describes the range:

The collection is about the simplicity of a lip gloss married to the intensity of a lipstick, with deep pigment and rich colour payoff, long lasting shine and gloss. The lacquer rouge creates ‘a speedy glamour’.

In Singapore, Shiseido Lacquer Rouge retails at $43.

Image and video source: Shiseido Singapore


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