Dior Golden Jungle Crocodile Leather Effect Nails

Here’s a look created with the Dior Golden Jungle Gold Nail Lacquer and Crocodile Effect Top Coat Duo, aka Dior’s take on the crackle nail trend.

It’s not my favourite look but I’m fairly impressed by how the brand’s version seems classier than most shatter polishes, imparting a cracked effect that calls to mind crocodile leather handbags.

The formula is superior to that of crackle lacquers I’ve previously tried: Not only does the topcoat crack easily, the ensuing pattern isn’t as random as those of other shatter polishes which sometimes don’t separate properly, leaving a miserable shredded or sparsely dotted appearance instead.

Do note that the effect shows up best – and the quickest – when the deep khaki is applied before the gold is completely dry. I was delighted by how my press samples were an absolute breeze to apply. They dry pretty fast too.

Here’s the crackled nail flanked by Dior Vernis in Dune. I prefer the croc effect to be offset by complementary nail colours versus having all my digits emblazoned with the design – the latter look is too much for me!

The duo retails at S$47, a good price considering that a regular 10 ml Dior Vernis is priced at S$37. It’s not a must-have but if you appreciate a good crac-lac and like the croc look, then you’ll certainly need this.

Do visit The Makeup Blogette for step-by-step pictures.


  • Memoiselle says:

    Hi Mag!
    I like this nail polish a lot. The crack is very unique and I agree that it’s reasonably priced. But do you think this is quite hard to remove? I tried to remove this nail polish before and it’s more difficult to remove compared to other crack or shatter polish.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Meryl~!

      Yes, the crackle is not like that of the usual shatter polishes. I didn’t have difficulty removing it but it is more substantial than the regular crackle polishes, so maybe that’s why?

  • Sam says:

    Have my eye on this one – I agree, it’s so classy.

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