Make Up For Ever Holiday 2012 Holodiam Collection

This holiday season, Make Up For Ever introduces Holodiam, a rainbow-fest of colour and sparkle. If you’re loco for holo, this is the collection to go for. :)

Beauty with Vibrant Sensuality

To finish the year in style, I’m celebrating womanhood in its entire splendor by showing an audacious woman endowed with the radiant light of her incandescent charm.

 Dany Sanz, Creator & Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever

Top to bottom: MUFE Holodiam Powder in 304 Brown Gold, 301 Copper, 303 White, 302 Plum

The star of the collection, Holodiam Powder (S$41) is a finely-milled loose pigment that captures light in a glittering rainbow of iridescent colours to light up the eyes and cheeks.

Left to right: MUFE Holodiam Powder in 301 Copper, 302 Plum, 304 Brown Gold, 303 White

Apparently a technological first, each MUFE Holodiam Powder contains multifaceted pearlescent particles that reflect three different colours, depending on the refraction angle of the light.

The result is an optical phenomenon, a pulsing vibration of intense, ever-changing colors for electrifying eyes infused with mystery. Color turns to light, black turns to glitter.

Make Up For Ever

The key ingredients of these holographic beauties are:

  • Fluorphlogopite – A synthetic mica with an extremely thin layered structure to increase the reflection and refraction of light.
  • Mineral pigments – Obtained by the synthesis of mineral raw materials, they impart intense pearlescent colour and a chameleon effect.
  • A glass base – Such a base enhances the sparkling effect.

Available in:

  • 301 Copper – Pink, orange and yellow highlights
  • 302 Plum – Turquoise, violet and pink highlights
  • 303 White – Gold, green and blue highlights
  • 304 Brown Gold – Yellow, green and blue highlights

On their own, they’re sparkle-town but somewhat translucent. They really snap, crackle and pop when applied them over a base…especially one like the matte black cream shadow in the photos above.

You can set the Holodiam Powders with Aqua Seal (S$45), a viscuous gel that transforms powder eyeshadows and eye pencils into waterproof makeup, amping up their richness at the same time.

Also great with the Holodiam Powders are the award-winning Aqua Eyes (water-proof/smudge-proof/fade-proof eye-lining pencils), originally created by Dany Sanz for performers of water ballet. Use them under the glitters to prolong their wear or on the lash lines to offset the sparkles.

Available in an extensive range of 25 shades, now you can try them in this year’s holiday gift set. This limited edition Aqua Eyes Kit (S$65) contains: Aqua Eyes in 0L Matte Black and Mini Aqua Eyes in 2L Pearly Brown, 3L Iridescent Navy Blue, 11L Purple, 12L Blue with Green Highlights and 21L Dark Grey.

The Aqua Cream (S$39) range, richly-pigmented long-wear/waterproof cream eyeshadows, are excellent with the Holodiam Powders too – their smooth texture and pigmented nature make beautiful bases for the sparkly powders.

To finish your holiday makeup, the brand recommends Mist & Fix (S$48), a makeup fixer spray suitable for all skin types, to prolong makeup and fix diamond powder and glitter.

Here are tips from the brand to help you create intensity and obtain a long-lasting effect from the holo-lovelies:

  1. For a 3D and multi-reflecting eye liner, apply Aqua Eyes or Aqua Shadow with 2S Brush.
  2. Quickly before the Aqua dries: Superimpose a shade of Holodiam Powder with 5S Brush.
  3. For a waterproof result, apply Aqua Seal as base and dab on a shade of Holodiam Powder.
  4. Leave to dry and spray Mist & Fix to fix Holodiam Powder at the end of the make-up.

All these steps were used for the polished look in the photo above.

Here are the blinged-up Holodiam False Eyelashes (S$32, lash glue included). Flecked with gold, this gilded pair frames the peepers with metallic sparkle. Use them alone or with the Holodiam Powders for maximum impact.

Get the Look:

1. Apply a thick line of Aqua Eyes 0L Matte Black on the top and bottom lash line.

2. Using 15S Brush, blend immediately on the top and bottom lash line.

3. Using 8S Brush, apply Aqua Cream No. 27 Matte Black on the lid of the eye and blend together with the matte black Aqua Eyes line.

4. Apply Aqua Cream No. 13 Warm Beige in the crease and blend well with Aqua Cream No. 27 to create a harmonious effect.

5. Apply Aqua Cream No. 4 Snow on the brow bone to create highlight with 10S Brush.

6. Finish with the matte black Aqua Eyes pencil on the water line.

7. On top of the black Aqua Cream, apply Holodiam Powder No. 302 using 8N Brush in a dabbing motion. Apply Holodiam Powder No.303 in the inner corner of the eyelid.

8. Apply Holodiam Powder No. 303 on the temples and top of the cheekbones. For long lasting results, fix the makeup with a light mist of Mist & Fix Spray.

9. For a more festive look, use Glittery Gold False Eyelashes from the collection. Spread the eyelash glue on the false eyelashes, and stick them on the root of the upper lashes. Make sure that the inner and outer corners are well fixed, in order to increase the lasting effect. Intensify the root of upper and lower lashes with the matte black Aqua Eyes.

I love the pre-Holodiam look – the bruisey eye is gorgeous. Eye looks like these make me wish for a deeper socket. ;)

The finished sparkly eye is stunning too, the Holodiams adding incredible prismatic shine.

And here’s the completed look.

You can view and purchase this holiday collection at the new Make Up For Ever Academy/Pro-Loft (36 Armenian Street, #01-06, Singapore 179934. Tel: 6333 0678).

The space is also a place for endless makeup exploration. Happy colour-gazing!

Image source: Make Up For Ever Singapore and Sophia/The Makeup Blogette for the awesome swatches. :)

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