Dior J’Adore Othoniel Auction for AWARE

Born from a collaboration with contemporary glass artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, this limited edition hand-blown amphora is home to Dior’s newly relaunched fragrance, J’Adore.

Thanks to the glass-blowing method, each of these exclusive Murano-crafted bottles is unique. Presented in a luxury couture box, every one is accompanied by a booklet on fragrance savoir-faire, as well as a certificate of authenticity.

Only one bottle will be available in Singapore and it will be auctioned off at the new Dior counter at Tangs Orchard. The starting bid is S$3,900 and bidding will continue till the end of December 2012.

Reminiscent of the womanly figure, I feel it’s apt that all proceeds from the sale of J’Adore Othoniel will go to AWARE, to support women’s rights in Singapore. It’s also laudable of the brand to do this – haute couture sometimes marginalises women of certain physiques and circumstances, so it’s nice to see a luxury brand like Dior lending its weight to a worthy feminine cause.

Created by François Demachy of haute-perfumery fame, the scent combines the essence of Turkish Rosa Damascena/Turkish Rose (spirited and smooth), Jasmine Sambuc/Arabian Jasmine (seductive and luminous) and Indian Tuberose (potent and sensual).

The inset glass bead on the stopper is a blend of gold leaf and glass.

Designed to be held in the hollow of the palm, the bottle cannot stand on its own, being a ‘tactile treasure that must be protected’. I’d think so, given its starting price! ;)

Raw and sensual – whether velvet petal or soft molten glass. 

Image and video source: Dior

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