Review | DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash, Lotion and Gel Cream

Succinct and straightforward, the DHC Moisture Fruit range comprises only 3 items.

Recommended for those establishing their first skincare routine, this simple range contains gentle botanical and fruit extracts (kiwi, apple, peach leaf, grapefruit and raspberry) to help fight free radicals and condition the skin.

All 3 products feature a fresh grapefruit scent that reminds me of a creation from the Make Me Smooth Scent Bar.

Below are my thoughts on the press pieces that Watsons sent me to try.

DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash (S$19.90/100 ml)

Although it feels like a light airy mousse upon pumping, it does lather up pretty well. I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘voluminous’ or ‘rich’ as the brand does (those labels belong to Ettusais Foamy Rich Mousse) but it certainly has some substance.

This mild amino-based facial cleanser is gentle on the skin but leaves it feeling clean and hydrated, the latter something I appreciate – I love how it cleans without making my skin feel stripped, yet there’s no rubbery sensation on the face to indicate the remnants of dirt, sebum or overnight moisturiser. It’s a good daily cleanser and perfect for a refreshing mid-day wash.

DHC Moisture Fruit Lotion (S$23.90/100 ml)

This alcohol-free toner promises to hydrate the skin with amino-based emollients, as well as preserve the natural moisture barrier and maintain the skin’s pH balance.

It’s rather bracing upon application and reminds me of the typical Japanese toning lotions which prep the skin for moisturiser and sometimes act more like light serums than toners as the West understands them. I can’t say much about this except to comment on how it works with the moisturiser in the range (see below).

DHC Moisture Fruit Gel Cream ($24.20/35 g)

According to DHC, botanical extracts and the amino-based emollients in this moisturiser help seal in moisture, keeping the skin soft. It has a lovely refreshing sensation but though the brand claims it is fast-absorbing, I find this to be untrue when it’s paired with the toning lotion – with it, it has a tendency to feel sticky and a touch rich. It does work beautifully with Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate, absorbing nicely into my skin, leaving it smooth and supple. I’ve found the original pairing (the lotion and the cream) to work better in air-conditioned environs.

On its own, it makes a good day-time moisturiser that works well under makeup without balling up, despite its gel formula.


The fact that all 3 are amino-based is worth mentioning: Apparently, amino acids approximate the skin’s pH level and do not put undue stress on the epidermis. As such, they make for gentle skincare products and are sometimes recommended for sensitive skin.

No bells and whistles with this fuss-free range – it doesn’t have anti-ageing, uv-care or firming properties; instead, it really just moisturises, hence its name. This it does very adequately, though I don’t really like the ensuing sticky sensation when all 3 products are used in unison…reminiscent of Hada Labo, which also works but has that same after-feel.

In Singapore, this affordably-priced range can be found at Watsons stores where DHC is carried.


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