A Red Eyeshadow Look

CNY2013 Red Eyeshadow Look 1

I recently felt like doing a red eye look – what better time than during the Chinese New Year when this auspicious colour takes centrestage?

Products Used on Chinese New Year 2013 Eye

For this look of Oriental allure, I used only a handful of products, including a much-treasured jar of MAC Red Pigment, a matte scarlet that has been discontinued.

Here are the steps to this simple yet striking eye on my monolids:

1. Blend MAC Beet Lip Pencil on the lid as a base.

2. Apply the deep red in Kesalan Patharan Face Color in S10 over that.

3. Apply the medium red in the same trio over the deep red and blend a little upwards.

4. Apply the scarlet pigment over the previous two colours and blend upwards, not extending too high.

5. Finish with the highlighter in the trio, from socket to brow.

6. Line the lower lash line with a blend of the same three colours.

7. Clean up the undereye area with Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to reduce the rabbit eye effect.

8. Apply false eyelashes for definition.

As you can see, the trick is in the layering to get that certain shade of red, creating some dimension with the eyeshadows at the same time.

I’m not certain if all the reds are eye-safe but I’ve never had a reaction to any of them.

CNY2013 Red Eyeshadow Look 2

If you’re trying this look, do note that defined lashes – by way of falsies or mascara – are a must, as is an undereye concealer; otherwise you might end up looking like the red eyes were incidental, rather than intended. ;)


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