Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette Box

This spring, Make Up For Ever introduces a striking eyeshadow palette whose hues draw inspiration from the saturated colours of Technicolor.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Spring 2013 Visual

“I wanted to create an electrifying beauty, the kind that emanates from certain women who leave behind a craving for their radiant, magnetic appeal long after they walk out of the room. I imagined a woman who could draw every eye and stop any conversation just by walking by. This Spring, I am paying tribute to color; to me, the undeniable radiance of yellow expresses the overwhelming pull that can create such irresistible attraction and spectacular sensuality.”

– Dany Sanz, Creator & Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette

Emblazoned with a rainbow of colours, the shiny compact is as eye-catching as its contents.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadows

It contains 3 bright statement colours and 5 soft basic colours; the highlight of which is the sunny primary yellow.

A limited edition shade specially created for this set, this happy hue – which symbolises joy and triumph for Sanz – is perfectly complemented by the green and blue to echo the vitality and radiance of springtime.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette Open

In the palette are: #04 Black (matte), the limited edition Jaune/Yellow (satin), #91 Apple Green (matte), #72 Turquoise (matte), #16 Lilac (matte), #00 White (matte), #17 Espresso (matte), #126 Yellow Beige (iridescent).

When I first saw the louder shades, I couldn’t help but think of MAC Eye Shadows in Chrome Yellow, Guacamole and Electric Eel!

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette Swatches

A cheery eyeshadow ensemble, the brights are nicely offset by the neutrals. I haven’t tried them on my eye yet but they swatch fairly smoothly and seem like they would blend well together. I have a special fondness for the beige whose flesh-toned hue, together with its lovely glide and glimmer, makes a good anchoring colour for its palette companions.

Make Up For Ever Long Wear Eyelid Primer Eye Prime

The looks created with the flashier mattes might have an editorial feel because of their intensity but they can be sheered out if you prefer something subtler. For even more concentrated colour and to prolong their wear, you can pair these eyeshadows with Make Up For Ever Eye Prime.

As expected, the ad campaign is full of colour and energy. Notice anything different about the brand’s picture and typographic logos? Yep, they’ve been tweaked a little for a fresher appearance.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Palette Display

Here are 5 different looks you can create with this palette:

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Snazzy Thespian Look

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Screen Siren Look

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Dolly Ingenue Look

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Back of Box

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Look Technicolor Look

1. Apply Yellow all over the eyelid and on the brow bone, with the help of the 10S Brush. Apply the same shadow on the lower lash line using the 16S Brush.

2. Using the 10S brush, apply Turquoise on the outer corner of the eye into the crease and blend it with the yellow using Apple Green as the intermediate color. Using the 16S brush, apply the same shadow along the lower lash line and blend with the green.

3. Apply White at the centre of the brow bone to create highlight.

4. Apply Yellow Beige on the inner corner of the eye, and blend inside the eyebrow.

5. Using the 16S brush, apply the blue on the upper lash line to better define and intensify.

6. Finish with Smoky Lash.

Make Up For Ever Natural Bright LookNatural Bright Eye

1. Apply Yellow all over the lid with the help of the 10S Brush.

2. Using the 16S Brush, apply the yellow on the lower lash line.

3. Apply Yellow Beige on the brow bone towards inner corner to create highlight. Then blend with the yellow.

4. To intensify the look, apply Espresso with the help of the 16S brush along the upper and lower lash line, and continue towards the temples to intensify the almond shape.

5. Finish with Smoky Lash.

* Tip: To intensify the lash line shades, apply Aqua Eyes as a base before applying the eyeshadows.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor at Sephora

In Singapore, this vibrant palette retails at S$75 and is available at Sephora, as well as at the MUFE Academy & Pro Loft.


  • Sam says:

    Love the look of this! Also love that the looks feature my (Aussie Rules) football team colours!

  • adellia valentine says:

    Whoa.. i realy love this, happy colors in your eyes, absolutely brings happy feelings too. I wish i brave enuf to try this color on me, haha.. my instagram id @adelvalentine giveaway birthday set #3

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Adellia,

      Have fun exploring colours; it can be therapeutic. :)

      Not sure why your comment suddenly showed up but the giveaway is already over, sorry!

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