Apivita Natural Candles

Apivita Natural Wax Candles with Pure Essential Oils

One of Apivita’s top-selling products, these 100% natural wax candles are infused with pure essentials oils that come from certified organic cultivations. These oils are also part of the brand’s aromatherapy range.

Made from soya wax and rapeseed wax, they are completely free of synthetic ingredients. In addition, they have no lead in their wicks and produce no soot when burnt. The composition of the wax is so pure that when melted, it can be used as a lip balm and a moisturiser.

It’s a touch odd, this triple-duty feature (candles on skin?!) but fascinating, all the same. I tried the liquid salve at the store and liked how it felt – warm and emollient, it was soothing and comfortable on the back of my hand.

Lit Apivita Natural Candle

True to its environment-loving roots, Apivita recently took part in Earth Hour, bathing its Ion Orchard store in the warm glow of the lovely-smelling candles. :)

In Singapore, they retail at S$64 (80 g) and S$100 (235 g). 3 scents are available: Jasmine, Lavender and Orange, Cedarwood & Clove.

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