The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

The Ice Cream & Cookie Company Sandwiches in Butterscotch Bacon, Milk & Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow, Yuzulicious

I recently discovered The Ice Cream & Cookie Co., a new dessert establishment which combines chewy cookies with gourmet ice cream.

The first to present such toothsome creations in Singapore, they also pair their varied ice cream flavours with other pastries such as shortbread, brownies and macarons.

I tried 4 creations:

Butterscotch Bacon (brown sugar cookie + butterscotch turkey bacon ice cream) – An unusual offering with savoury bacon bits mixed into the ice cream, this salty-sweet combination works because it is well-balanced. I like how the chewy bacon pieces add texture to the ice cream too.

Milk & Cookies (Belgian chocolate chip cookie + Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream) – This isn’t your run-of-the-mill milk and cookies combo; instead, the superior quality of the ingredients shine through, giving this simple dessert a classy touch. My eldest child’s favourite!

Toasted Marshmallow (brown sugar cookie + toasted marshmallow ice cream) – I like how the subtle toasty edge of the marshmallow melds perfectly with the brown sugar biscuit but it’s a touch too sweet for me. This is a winner with my hubby and my middle child, though.

Yuzulicious (fresh basil macaroon + creamy yuzu ice cream) – I love the ice cream; it hit the right spot with its sweet and sour citrusy harmony within the cold smoothness. Unfortunately, the basil macaron overwhelms with its herb flavour and its sweetness takes the tangy edge away from the luscious ice cream. I found myself licking just the middle to get at the yummy yuzu. ;)

Do note that the individual sandwiches have to be shared, else it’s sweetness overload!

The Ice Cookie Company Sandwiches Boxed

The cold treats were delivered with dry ice via courier and were still firm when I received them. In fact, they held up pretty well during my photo-taking, though the edges started to get melty at the end of it. Thankfully, they didn’t produce ice crystals when refrozen, which speaks of their premium ingredients.

I love that the company has a ‘Lab’ collection which is basically something they whip up according to their fancy (Guinness with crushed Tim Tams, for instance). How very Masterchef! These experimental flavours are only available for a week but you can get first dibs on these super-limited edition sweets by following them on their Facebook page.

At S$5 per sandwich, these desserts are fairly affordable. Certainly something fun to consider for a party!


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