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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Single Packaging Through the Years

Do you remember your first Urban Decay product? I do – it was Midnight Cowboy, that sparkly rosy taupe which made me fall down the UD rabbit hole.

I recently took a photo of it, along with a few other UD shadows. Over the years, the packaging of the brand’s eyeshadow singles has evolved; from silver tin to light-grey plastic to pewter plastic, it sure has come a long way.

The metal tin, with its twist-off lid and slashy font, has an industrial look that’s so apt for the name. Even though it tarnished easily, it is quintessentially UD to me.

The light, plastic flip-top round is my least favourite, though I like the see-through feature. It might’ve looked like a refreshing upgrade from the tired tin packaging but it was too soul-less for me.

With its chromed gunmetal appearance, the current sleek and shiny case was inspired by NYC subway tokens. Though I wish they’d made it real metal, it has a certain charm, plus I love the colour. :)

Just looking at this beloved eyeshadow takes me back to the UD counter at Isetan Orchard and my first encounter with it. I love makeup memory lane!


  • Jacqueline says:

    My very first shade I bought from UD was Asphxysia. They had really cool self painted tattoo kits that looked liked henna tattoos. I wore those all the time. I like how the packaging has changed. I think the latest looks really good.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jac,

      That’s a beautiful duochromed shade! UD is a stellar brand; I hope its sale to L’Oreal means bigger and better things, and not dilution of their colour endeavours/artistic goals.

  • Christine says:

    Oooo… I didn’t realise that the first UD e/s is in metal tins. How quaint!

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