Origins Singapore Recyling Program

Origins Cosmetic Empties Recycling Bin

If you’d like to give your beauty empties some purpose, here’s one way to do it: Put them in the Origins recycling bin.

I’ve written about this before but since there are queries and comments every time I mention it on Instagram, I thought I’d do it again. :)

Cosmetic Skincare Empties for Recyling

They pretty much accept all types of makeup packaging (I’ve put in expired/old lipstick tubes, gloss wands and blush cases) and skincare containers (glass or plastic bottles and jars), as well as bath and body empties. The company forwards them to a central location where they will receive a new lease of life as other useful items or are utilised for energy recovery.

I periodically bring bags of receptacles to Origins and received 2 sample sachets the last time I was there – the BA told me they sometimes give these out as thanks.

I’m not sure if all the Origins counters here offer this service but I always put my empties in the bin at Isetan Scotts. A better alternative to trashing them, for sure!


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