First Look at Nars Spring 2014 Color Collection

Nars Spring 2014 Colour Collection

Here’s a quick look at the Nars Spring 2014 Colour Collection.

A blast of vibrant colours, I am thrilled to welcome these brights – as edgy as the smokey tones that turn up in spring collections are, they just seem off for the season of rebirth.

Nars Spring 2014 Colour Collection Swatches

I didn’t get their names but I do know the pewter/aubergine eye shadow duo is called Kauai, named after the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Ironically (and more so, after my statement above!), it’s the one – amidst the vivid shades – that struck the lemming chord for me because of that gorgeous olivey pewter hue whose molten-metal texture gives it one of the best finishes in the bevy of Nars shadows.

There’s a new Multiple in this collection too – Nā Pali Coast; a mid-toned bronzey coral, if I recall correctly.

In Singapore, this colourful collection will launch in January 2014, two months before the Nars Matte Multiples, which are slated to arrive here in March 2014.

And if you’re wondering what happened to my post on/Instagram photo of those lovely multi-purpose sticks, the brand has decided to place a belated embargo on the information because they’re experiencing an overwhelming number of enquiries on them, as well as the 15-pan 20th anniversary Narsissist Eye Palette, even before they’ve launched (so they tell the press and bloggers).

The vestiges of what had been put up will forever roam the Interwebs even after we’ve suspended our posts/deleted our photos, so I wonder if this is an exercise in futility. I get where they’re coming from but the explosion of interest can only mean more $$$ for them, no?


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