The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry Range in Singapore

The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Lip Butter, Scrub-Gelee and Sponge

My toddler has been saying the word “blueberries” these past few days, so I wasn’t surprised when she reacted with glee upon seeing the special edition Blueberry bath and body range from The Body Shop. :)

Available since February, it will only be here for six months. According to TBS, this is because the ingredient is seasonal. I’d wondered about this strange reason – other brands do blueberry all year round, no? – but the sweet fruity scent in Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelée (S$30.90/200ml), together with the crushed pulp and seeds, bears much authenticity (aka they probably use real blueberries), so I’ll take the brand’s word for it!

Besides the scrub tub, the range also comprises:

  • Blueberry Lip Butter (S$10.90/10ml)
  • Blueberry Body Butter (S$30.90/200ml)
  • Blueberry Shower Gel (S$12.90/250ml)
  • Blueberry Body Lotion (S$19.90/250ml)
  • A rotund, blueberry-shaped sponge (S$9.90)

The scrub appeals to me the most, thanks to its sweet and juicy smell, as well as the exfoliating bits dispersed throughout the deep purple gelatinous base. It reminds me so much of blueberry jam that I’m pretty certain I have to hide it from my daughter because she’s going to want to taste it. ;)

It’s also the most authentic-smelling of the lot; the rest have a somewhat synthetic – almost-alcoholic – whiff that I can’t take to.

If you’re a fan of this fragrance, be sure to stock up on the range before it disappears in July.

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