Clarins Gold Edition Tonic Body Treatment Oil & Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

Clarins 60th Anniversary Gold Edition Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil & Tonic Body Treatment Oil

To commemorate 6 decades of skincare success, Clarins has introduced gold-edition bottles of their best-selling Tonic Body Treatment Oil (S$78) and Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (S$65).

Formulated with 100% pure plant oils, they’re true skincare treats with their silky-soft finish, as well as their soothing scent. I’ve gone through a few bottles…and still have backups waiting in the wings!

Popular with expectant mummies, the firming/toning body oil contains geranium, rosemary and mint diluted in a hazelnut oil base. The face oil—one of my favourite skincare products—revitalises and rebalances dehydrated and dull skin with patchouli essential oil, hazelnut oil and comforting blue orchid.

Oils may still get flak by virtue of the word itself but these skincare salves will change your mind: Easily absorbed by the skin, they really aren’t greasy at all, as the word would have you believe.

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil 1954 Original

So efficacious are they that their formula that hasn’t changed since their inception in 1954 – that’s 60+ years of tradition for you. Cheers to these luxuriant lovelies!

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