Review | Kanebo T’estimo Color Eyes N in WT-08

As pan keeps emerging with the continued usage of this eyeshadow single, I am reminded of how frequently I reach out for it. Unfortunately, finding WT-08 may be difficult as T’estimo has been discontinued worldwide. Nonetheless, it may turn up on eBay or at counters where T’estimo is still being phased out slowly.

A little moment of silence here would be apt – T’estimo has been around for ages, producing many makeup gems. I am dismayed that Kanebo would kill it off and replace it with Coffret D’or. The latter may be nice and softly feminine but so far, it’s been very subtle (read boring) and nowhere as appealing as or near the variety of T’estimo!

Below is my review of WT-08.


While most makeup lovers typically gravitate towards pigmented eye shadows, sheers have an important part to play in a makeup repertoire – they set off intense shades and impart gentle kisses of colour for a polished look.

There are sheers which are practically useless; they impart barely any colour and worse, have the tendency to skip on the lid upon application. Happily, WT-08 does not have these problems inherent in many sheer eyeshadows. Instead, it is easy to lift pigment from the pan, yet the effect is never overwhelming. Rather, it is a soft, silky powder that has a glimmer that makes one think of the word ‘nacre’.

The eyeshadow may look unassuming in its little square pan framed in silver but the chic simplicity of the packaging truly underscores its stunning performance both as a highlighter and a blender.

As a highlighter, WT-08 never draws attention away from the accent shades. It truly highlights them, bringing out – and setting off – their depths and textures. It is particularly good over sparkly bases. I often use sparkly eyeshadow bases (Kose Eye Fantasists, in particular) and while they’re mostly budgeproof, sometimes I like to make them last longer or tone them down a little. For this, WT-08 is perfect: It is sheer enough to go over such bases without losing the sparkle, yet its nature sets them perfectly. What’s more, a slightly heavier application will tone down the sparkles, where required.

However, this eyeshadow truly impresses when it is used to blend out lid colours on my singled lidded eyes. One technique I enjoy on my monolids is the gradual vertical application of colour. To achieve a seamless look, I often use WT-08 to blend lid colour into socket indent colour or to blend out lid colour alone, as it fulfils its function as a highlighter at the same time. Its softness and sheerness lend it a remarkable ability to facilitate a lovely gradation of colour, giving the eye dimension. As such, it is excellent for smokey eyes – I reach for WT-08 very often because its delicate texture and colour never overwhelms the darker colours of a smokey eye – rather, it blends them out effortlessly and even corrects any unwanted harshness.

Not all white shadows are created equal. While this one doesn’t have the bang and fizz of a sparkly, multi-dimensional white, it is a winner in my book for its tempering qualities. No wonder then that I’m seeing so much pan. And yes, I do have a back-up! It’s the one you saw at the top of this post. ;)

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