Coffret D’Or Lipstick Offer at OG

Kanebo counters at OG* are offering discounts on some of their products this Great Singapore Sale. The one that caught my eye was the lipstick offer: originally priced at S$46, selected Coffret D’Or lippies are now S$34.

Even better than the periodic Metro 20% storewide sale (during which they would cost S$36.80 – $2.80 more – after the discount), this is a good time to try these silky lipsticks. I love how they glide on the lips to deliver soft, lip-hugging pigment. I particularly like the shimmery ones that twinkle ever so prettily and imbue lips with shine.

Do try Full Styling Rouge Glow in EX-01, a much lauded shimmery translucent pink that is fortunately part of the range discounted. This lipstick is not only great as a nude to set off smokey eyes, it also adds sparkly complexity to more opaque colours when layered over them.

If you’re shopping at the Chinatown store (OG People’s Park), do look for Dorothy, a lovely MA who served me with smiles and happily offered me generous samples of Impress IC, a new Kanebo skincare line. Local cosmetics counters seldom give out samples this readily, so you can imagine my delight! :)

* OG stands for ‘Ocean Garment’. I saw this name printed on the tag of a retro vintage OG dress my mother handed down to me. An old departmental store hailing from the 1960s, OG used to be fondly known for its wide range of ladies’ footwear.

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