I Nuovi Eyeshadows

With its origins in Singapore, I Nuovi is an often-underrated brand that has produced many makeup gems. Most notable of these are its eyeshadows*. The brand does shimmer of the dense variety particularly well, while several of its vivid hues are trendy yet wearable.

Pressed Wet/Dry Colour Pigment D27

One of our most raved-about signature items, these pigment rich, high intensity eyeshadows never fades nor dulls. Enriched with natural UV filters and anti-ageing agents to protect and condition the sensitive eye area. Colours D27 can be used dry for regular eye colour application, or wet for greater intensity and water-resistance. Available in a dazzling array of matte, shimmer, metallic and sparkling effects.

I Nuovi

The brand’s core eyeshadow line, D27 comprises pressed eyeshadows that can be used both wet and dry. There are a few misses in this extensive eyeshadow range (I am not fond of the grittier glitter shadows and some of the drier mattes) but many of the D27s in the shimmer formula continue to impress me. I own quite a number from a while back and they perform as well today as they did a few years ago.

Superbly pigmented and buttery smooth, they look and feel wonderful on the skin. Iridia (a velvety cowgrass green that remains my all-time favourite green) and Potion (a plush cool-toned brown) are testaments to this. Rich in colour and effect, these shimmer shadows blend beautifully and are stunning on the eyes. Two other D27 shadows that exemplify this are Plasma (a deep ocean blue) and Jade (a popular blue green shade since the late 1990s).

These versatile satiny shadows also have a certain reflective quality that lifts their shimmer. For this reason, they will appeal to those who want wearable colour but not overwhelming intensity. For more depth, colour can be built up by layering or wetting the shadows.

Special mention must be given to the awesome D27 range of shimmery greens that run the gamut from warm to cool tones. It will not be difficult to find an olive, a lime, an emerald or a spring green in the line-up. Devotees of this glorious colour must take a look at I Nuovi greens for variety of shade, if not for texture.

Trucolor D30 High Intensity Eye Shadow

Fall in love with the high definition colours of Trucolour D30. Formulated with high pigment content and treated powder technology, colours feel like powder but applies like a cream. Smudge-proof, water-resistant and long-lasting.

Trucolor shadows boast intense colours that possess depth and tenacity. They may be dense and pigment-rich but they do not cake up on the skin, as some such shadows are wont to do. Like the shimmery D27 shadows, they blend well. This line impressed me tremendously with its pigmentation – the ‘high intensity’ label is no misnomer!

Metallogy Eye Shadow

Melt into the look of liquid metal with Metallogy Eyeshadow. Formulated with a high percentage of metallic pearls for a dramatic shimmer effect, this rich creamy texture blends over skin for a high shine metallic colour that is pure glamour.

Drawing its inspiration from lustrous metals, Metallogy contains metallic hues such as pewter, bronze, silver and copper. While they do not have the foiled appearance that the description promises, they have an easy wearability when applied with a light hand. Furthermore, the line contains a few interesting shades that pair well with dark tones for unique smoky eyes. I particularly like Tin, a pewter shade with a hint of antique gold. Tin looks incredible with the red tones of Rose Gold, a coppery bronze, setting it off in a most unusual way.

D27 eyeshadows are reasonably priced at S$22, while Trucolor and Metallogy eyeshadows cost S$26.


With impressive colour pay-off and vibrant intensity in the majority of I Nuovi’s eyeshadows, it is no wonder that they are used in stagework; most recently in Crab Flower Club, a Singapore Arts Fest production and The Peranakan Ball, a musical based on a popular local television series.

Do keep your eyes peeled on Makeup Stash! for two special I Nuovi eyeshadow giveaways coming soon~! ;)

* I swatched all of them at the store but the lighting there was unfortunately detrimental to the presentation – I could not obtain accurate photos of many of the colours. Nevertheless, if you need I Nuovi eyeshadow recommendations, feel free to leave a comment; I’d be glad to help you. :)


  • Connie De Alwis says:

    Great post! I’m totally a fan of I Nuovi’s D27 eyeshadows. My collection is fairly small (4 to be precise. Hah!) but I’m eager to get MORE! I’ll definitely look into the colors that you mentioned :D My problem is that I keep telling myself that I don’t need this color or that color because chances are, I already have it. Not surprising when I have in my stash about 400 eyeshadow colors? :x

  • makeupmag says:

    Thanks, Connie!

    Ha ha, I don’t dare to count my stash. I doubt that I have 400 shadows but if you count palettes and the like…:P

    You MUST check those shades out; they’ll be stunning on your beautiful eyes. :)

  • Connie De Alwis says:

    I count palettes too but just very roughly… there should be more :x

    Aww, you’re too sweet. I’m flipping through my I Nuovi catalog to figure out which colors they are

  • makeupmag says:

    Have fun browsing, Connie. I need a catalogue myself! :D

  • plue says:

    I have metallogy in Tin! an absolutely pretty colour, but it does crease on me without UDPP or TFSI >_<

    and they have this coppery red colour which is so pretty too! My next item! :D

    i haven't check out much D27, but like you, i don't quite like the gritty glitters shadows. there are some which is quite pretty though :)

  • makeupmag says:


    That coppery colour is Rose Gold? ;) By the way, I think the Metallogy shadows cannot be wet.

  • plue says:

    Am not too sure, but I think so. But since TFSI/UDPP dries down to a matte finish, i think it’s ok :)

    Not sure if it’s Rose Gold, been a while since I last went into Inuovi. Shall check out the next time!

    And I really think I shud add u in msn! LOL!

  • makeupmag says:

    LOL, Plue! :)

    I meant that it can’t be used wet with water and not that it can’t be used with a wet base, hee!

  • plue says:

    Oops! My bad! :P

    If only it can be used wet, then it would work well as a liner too!

  • prettybeautiful says:

    ah! i only have one eyeshadow from d27. i hope they have sales again and i want to pick up some colors from metallogy!!!

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi there, Prettybeautiful!

    Don’t forget to look at more D27s too. ;)

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