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The Baby Bee comb is one of the most enduring (and cutest!) items in the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit (US$13).

When I first saw it in the gift pack given to me many years back, I was delighted by its miniature size. Featuring a little bee logo at the tip of the handle, this adorable hair tool measures slightly under 13 cm (5.1 inches).

I used it on my son’s hair and occasionally, mine. Five years on, it continues to work well and remains a comb I reach out for now and again for more precise combing/parting of bangs.

Besides this, I have discovered a new use for it – combing fluffier makeup brushes. This comb is perfect for combing out powder from a brush, removing excess powder prior to cleansing or simply unloading powder product for a less intense finish.

The comb’s teeth are somewhat fine but they are not sharp or abrasive in any way, thanks to the defined smoothness of each thin tooth. It is gentle enough even for delicate stippling/duo-fibre/fibre optic brushes.

I haven’t tried it on post-wash brushes but I intend to. I am certain that combing them out with this comb will separate bristles well and help maintain brush shapes.

If it is gentle enough for downy baby hair, it should be good for makeup brushes! :)

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