Bioré Scented Pore Packs in Lamune Soda and Strawberry Frappé

Spotted at Watsons: Bioré Scented Pore Packs in Lamune* Soda and Strawberry Frappé.

These limited edition pore-decloggers instantly reminded me of Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Paper, thanks to the incongruity of lovely scents with the unlovely image of sebum…not to mention whiteheads, blackheads and other pore-clogging gunk. The Japanese have always had a knack for marketing; who would’ve thought to pair these two things together? Clever, really – after all, sweet scents / confectionery + beauty items = irresistible!

Image credit: Alpha Beauty Store

* A Japanese derivation of the English word lemonade, ramune (pronounced ‘lamune’ in Japan) is a popular carbonated drink in the country.

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