Review | Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base UV Face Mousse SPF 50+ PA+++

New from Kao is Bioré Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse SPF 50+ PA+++ (S$18.90/33 g), a handy and affordable sun protector with a high SPF value.

According to the brand, it contains a unique ‘Aqua Micro Capsule’ and is enriched with hyaluronic acid and citrus essence to hydrate and soften skin.

I like its light moussey texture with a pleasant lemon scent; very reminiscent of a lemon meringue! I suppose the Japanese really know their beauty formulations well – like the similarly airy mousse bases from Shu Uemura, this sunscreen, albeit a little denser than the latter, goes on smoothly and evenly. Considering that the mousse form has potential for patchy application, its evenness is a welcome feature.

Though it is easily absorbed and doesn’t impart a ghastly, overt white cast – the bane of many sunscreens – it does have a touch of stickiness. Thankfully, it’s not too greasy or sticky like L’Oréal UV Perfect, plus the stickiness seems to be minimised and even disappears in air-conditioned environs. Ultimately, its comfortable feel, together with its lightness of texture, makes this a product I reach for often during these hot and humid June days.

Image source: Kao Singapore


  • milktea says:

    This is available in Malaysia. It sounds worth a try. Thx! ^^

  • Yumi says:

    Can u recommend me a good sunblock for a combination skin??

  • Meow says:

    Where do you buy this in Singapore?

  • Yumi says:

    ok. I shall try this instead since its cheaper. ty very much = )

  • bern says:

    Hi, Thx for the review. Very keen to try this. If compare to the aqualabel one and other like dhc and sheseido, which is better? I dun like those sunplay type. Have also tried Biore UV perfect milk but don’t like it. Is it like the UV perfect milk? I’m very scared to get back something like that.
    I have combination skin and I dislike those oily sunblock.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Bern,

      This isn’t as matte as the new Shiseido one but the latter keeps the skin oil-free for a longer time. The DHC has a dewier finish than these two. I haven’t tried Sunplay in years, so I can’t make a fair comparison but the mousse texture of the Bioré is definitely nothing like the liquidy Sunplay that I remember.

  • bern says:

    Thx for sharing. I’m will try out Sheseido and see. Have you tried Annesa range from Sheseido. In comparison which is better?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Bern,

      I’ve tried Anessa in the past. I liked it a lot because it had an excellent texture. The new Shiseido one seems to be more matte in finish.

  • ying says:

    Hi may I know if this is waterproof and sweat proof? I need it for outdoor activities! Thanks in advance! :)

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