Review | Laneíge Pore Deep Clearing Foam

When I first received this facial foam (S$30/160 ml) from Laneíge Singapore, I thought the soothing aqua shade of the tube aptly connotes cleanliness. The flip top lid has a translucence that I’m fond of, while the sturdy tube is rather well-made (nothing flimsy like those of some drugstore facial washes).

Packaging aside, it foams up well, its pleasant citrus-sweet scent (sugared grapefruit?) adding a refreshing yet calming element to the cleanser. As a whole, it is a comfortable facial foam that is a great follow-up to makeup removal with cleansing oil. It seems to have a nice balance of cleansing and moisturising agents – the dense lather cleans my skin well without leaving it feeling tight post-wash.

According to the brand, it contains Ghassoul (Moroccan clay) which clarifies the skin (this ingredient apparently purifies the pores), as well as clove extracts that inhibit sebum secretion. While the wash doesn’t seem to do the latter, it does clear up the sebum on my nose. :)


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