Lee Min Ho Poster Giveaway at Etude House Ion Orchard

Lee Min Ho Etude House

Etude House opens its second store at Ion Orchard today, 9 September 2009. To mark the occasion, the store will be giving away free posters of Lee Min Ho with every purchase of S$10 and above.

The current CF darling of Korea, thanks to his performance in the K-drama hit Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min Ho is slated to be in Singapore on 10 October to celebrate the launch. [Fangirls: *squeal!*]

Etude House Ion Orchard is located at #B2-54, along the Orchard underpass that links Ion to Tangs.

Image source: Etude House SG


  • plue says:

    wordpress aye? :P Congrats on the move!

    Aiyo! 10 oct? Haiya! Earlier ma good! I go see him oso!

    TM hurry up! Get ur shop here and bring HJ here pronto! Btw, Lee Min Ho not in EH here at my place cuz it’s expensive to change to his posters. Only new shops like the one just opened in KL will feature him, older stores are well, the old ones lor.

    The SA told me they have to pay to change or something and it’s not cheap :( Sigh.

    • makeupmag says:

      Thank you, Plue Plue!

      You could always come again. ;) When / If Tony Moly goes to MY, you must write about it. I can’t imagine seeing KHJ in person!

      Thanks for sharing about EH MY + the LMH upgrade; that’s an interesting anecdote. You ought to blog about it. :)

  • Sherry says:

    wow.. thats nice, wonder when he is coming to Malaysia

  • Eru says:

    Aw, he’s cute <3

  • jan_minho says:

    How about tomorrow?

  • jan says:

    I’ll hope to try today as well……….hope poster still avilable:o)
    If not nvm…just shop around there…..

    Yes…if Tony Moly here too…….really can’t imagine then.

    Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong……

    Ps: Kim Hyun Joong, must take good care!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jan,

      Can you imagine what would happen if a Tonly Moly store were placed next to an Etude House one and both Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong made an appearance together?! :P

  • plue says:

    it never occur to me to blog about it, but what the SA said is true. i went to a few older EH shops, they feature the old ones. i need to go to KL to check lor~ :P

  • hamtaro ^_~ says:

    Whoa thx for the info! my fren said abt it but she doesnt know which date but knew on which mth :) .. Definitely she would be v. happy cos she relly want to go to ion orchard on the 10th :) … But i hope if Min Ho go with Hyun Joong i would definitely go :D both of them would make a girl melts easily hahaz ^_^

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Hamtaro,

      What a cute nick; haven’t heard that name in a while (now the song’s running in my head, lol!). You’re welcome. I believe SS501 will be making its way to Singapore some time this year. ;)

  • jocelyn says:

    wat time will lin min ho be coming!!i wish to know!

  • bluechris says:

    min ho coming on 24 oct.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Bluechris,

      Yes, he is. There’s a scratch and win promotion going on now at Etude House, where winners stand a chance to meet the K-star! ;)

  • sya3dila says:

    wonder which outlet will LEE MIN HO be? is it ION ORCHARD or PLAZA SINGAPURA?

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