Bourjois A/W 2009 Fashion Paradise

Bourjois Fashion ParadiseI fell in love with the concept and colours of  Fashion Paradise, Bourjois’s Autumn / Winter 2009 collection, the moment I set eyes on it. The hairpiece, the bird of paradise (lost) and the harmony of teal + chocolate all work together to make a fabulous ad image.


♥ C’est magnifique! ♥

Bourjois FashionParadise

The blue-tinged emerald is breath-taking. Gem-like and intense, it is strikingly beautiful. I love how the look is completed with a violet flash and a lash-lining of rich chocolate brown.

Bourjois Fashion Paradise Collection

The 1 Seconde nail enamel in Bronze reminds me of MAC Nail Lacquer in Rich, Dark, Delicious, while the other nail lacquer is in line with the black trend we’ve been seeing for some time now. The latter is a green-tinged black. Green deepens black so this would be something to look at. Its name is either Black Carbon or Black Green; I don’t know which one is the correct  one yet. Either way, a black polish that dries in no time is always welcome. ;)

Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in Taupe Froid

Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in Vert Emeraude

Unfortunately, as stunning as Bourjois’s makeup looks tend to be, its products frequently fall short in terms of pigmentation: The actual products often do not show up as vividly as in the photos. Bazar de Fille, a French blog, has some swatches of the collection, including Ombre Stretch eyeshadows in Taupe Froid (Cold Taupe) and Vert Émeraude (Emerald Green). The writer says that both eyeshadows are superb, so I’m hoping that the disappointing swatches are a result of cam / monitor colour differences.

I will take a look at them in person soon. According to Iris, BHG Bugis is offering a 20% direct discount on certain makeup brands, including Bourjois, at the moment. I’m not sure if  the discount extends to this new collection though.

Image sources: and ASOS


  • plue says:

    oooh~ so pretty! i love the combo! I love that green~ jeez~ why wouldn’t Malaysia bring them in already!

  • I like some of Bourjois products only like the single eyeshadows but have never been a big fan of their cosmetics to be honest. The green eyeshadow looks really great on the model and I hope the color payoff in reality is as gd as wat we see in their promo pics too.

  • Sugarcrumb says:

    I love the lipstick color on the model! and yes, sometimes bourjois shadows are disappointing in terms of pigmentation .. but their liners are gooood

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Sugarcrumb,

      I thought it was a tad too warm for the look but it does look like it has glide and pigment. Their liners are good, I agree.

  • Ain says:

    I supposed they use a base cream on the eyelid so that the colour will be more striking.. It works for me.. But of course the photograph has been adjusted to perfection..

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ain,

      I’m sure they did that or used something more intense. Post-production touch-ups work wonders too, heh. I guess the aesthetic sense is appreciated, even if the actual colours do not live up to it.

  • Angela says:

    o wow the green is amazing

    and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

  • thank you Mag for the link :)

  • bath mateus says:

    nice posting….i love the combo! I love that green~ jeez~ why wouldn’t Malaysia bring them in already!


  • Rani says:

    Hi Mag,

    Do u know any other eyeshadow from other brands that could give out the exact teal in the picture??


    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Rani,

      Off the top of my head, I can only think of MAC Parrot eyeshadow. The Gino McCray eyeshadow single that I have from Bangkok is similar too. MAC Steamy is a pretty teal too, only not as striking. MAC may also have a pigment of the same tone. One way to get teals to show up like this is to wet them. For extra sheen, you could apply a shiny pigment on top. Good luck!

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