Makeup Stash! Christmas 2009 Giveaway #2

Makeup Stash! Christmas Star

Here is the second Makeup Stash! Christmas 2009 Giveaway. Thank you for your warm participation in the first one! ♥ This week’s gifts come courtesy of Beauty Carousel, I Nuovi Professional, Revlon and Soap ‘n Sorbet. They are:

Gransenbon Gran Brush in 04 Orange Brown I Nuovi Metallogy Eyes

LaLicious Passionfruit Lime Sugar Soufflé Moisturizing Body ScrubRevlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes

Gransenbon Gran Brush in 04 Orange Brown

I Nuovi Metallogy Eyes in Tin

A travel-sized jar of LaLicious Sugar Soufflé Moisturizing Body Scrub in Passionfruit Lime

A set of two boxes of Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes (Maximum Wear Self-Adhesive Eyelashes in Intensifying & Maximum Wear Glue-On Eyelashes in Black-Brown)

I’ve raved about the Gransenbon blushes but Orange Brown surprised me with its wearability. I bought this natural shade for a friend who loved it so much, she hit pan in less than three months! I Nuovi Tin is a unique shade – a pewter with gold shimmer. Good on the lids or paired with smokes, this intense eyeshadow is stunning and easy to apply. I haven’t tried my tub of Passionfruit Lime but the description is mouthwatering. The travel tubs are sold out on Soap ‘n Sorbet, so try your luck here. ;) The Revlon lashes are easy to wear and fit on the lash line in a flash. These aren’t available locally and come all the way from the USA. :)

To participate, simply answer this question:

“Which brand(s) would you like to see in Singapore and why?”

Four readers will be picked randomly to receive these items; each person will receive one gift only. Leave a valid email address so that you can be contacted. If you do not reply within three days, I will pick another winner.

Each giveaway will last one week and is open to SINGAPORE RESIDENTS only.

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  • Dayna says:

    I will like to see Soap ‘n Sorbet in Singapore as I haven’t seen it in any stores yet. The products and its packages are quite attractive and will really make good gifts. Speaking of which, I’m really tempted to try out their lip balms.

    Other brands I will like to see in Singapore will be Innisfree and Skin79. These 2 are pretty good Korean brands and I love their products! :D

  • Jeanie says:

    I would love to see Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes in Singapore as i have not seen any glue-on lashes in Singapore yet.
    Thanks for organizing the giveaway.

  • Amelia says:

    CoverGirl as it is a very good brand n i cant find it in SG. I can only buy overseas. Tks!

  • Luna says:

    I would really like to see NARS in stores.. It would be awesome to be able to be able to swatch the blushes! =)

  • Lily says:

    Revlon is already available in Singapore but have yet to see its false eyelashes and it would be great to see them here.

    Hoping to try the false eyelashes as I love falsies to enhance my eyes makeup!

  • jennifer says:

    I would definitely love to see nars. The blushes and eyeshadows are to die for. Total luxury! I’d also love to see Urban Decay hit the shelves. It is not any less deserving than nars. The 24/7 pencils are totally worth it.

  • stickles says:

    I would love to see Cover Girl even though it’s just a drugstore brand, it still has some pretty good mascaras!

    I’d also love to see Urban Decay so I can stop having to source my UDPP from Canada.

  • Adeline says:

    I would like to see Urban Decay in Singapore! Heard great things about their pencil liners, but I really want to test them out for myself before committing. And I can’t buy them from sales pages either as it seems no one wants to let go of their UD pencils either :p

  • Fr0nd says:

    would love to see NARS or UD arrive at our shores. :)

    as for the giveaway… torn between the e/s and the lashes but I think will go with the lashes… pretty please :)

  • sheryl0202 says:

    I would like to see Jill Stuart in Singapore! At the moment I can only purchase them when I go to HK or Taiwan, hopefully they will come n open counters in Singapore soon!

  • Vanessa says:

    Would love to see Covergirl in SG. Its drugstore brand thus easily available and there has been many Youtube raves on the brand!

  • Esther says:

    I would love to see Lush in Singapore! The scents, scrubs, bath bombs etc etc are to die for! :)

  • Chelsea says:

    I would like to see Urban Decay cause its supposedly really good, and the packaging is very very attractive. I would like the LaLicious Sugar Soufflé Moisturizing Body Scrub in Passionfruit sounds delightful!

  • Vicky says:

    I’d love to see Jill Stuart cosmetics in Singapore!simply love the girly packaging and beautiful mixed blushers!

  • ioyces says:

    Bath and bodyworks!!!!!!!!!! Would be really excited to try the eyelashes!! Thanks Mag!!

  • celine says:

    i would really like to see NARS in singapore, then we’ll all be able to rave all about the products and i would be able to swatch the lip glosses and blushes which everyone has been raving about! :D

  • Cindy says:

    Definitely Covergirl and Max Factor. Being a fan of mascaras, I’ve tried many brands yet none of them can compare to Max Factor and Covergirl. They make my lashes look amazing. What’s more, they’re drugstore brands that everyone can afford.

  • Hazel says:

    would be great that NARS or Giorgio Armani makeup in Singapore.

  • Fiona says:

    would love to see The Natural Source re-enter Singapore. :D love their daintree range products but they pulled out of singapore a few yrs back :(

  • sierra_lo says:

    Since watson already brings in MM, k-palette …. I wish they would bring in lavshuca soon.
    Lush would be great as long as the prices aren’t too marked up.

  • jac says:

    I love to see Aqualabel by shiseido in singapore especially the hydrating(blue) range. It’s a pity that I can only get this from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Japan… It is extremely good for sensitive skin.

  • Jo says:

    I’d really, really like to see more Korean brands, like Innisfree. Their Trouble Care BB Cream is da bomb :) I’m sure their botanical, all-natural concept will do well in Singapore .. and give Origins a run for their money!

  • Audrey says:

    I would totally love to see more Korean brands making their way here. Brands such as Skin 79 and Hanskin. They offer really good bb creams and a nice selection of skincare items. Since Watsons already carries a pretty good selection of Korean brands, it would be fabulous if they could bring in the above mentioned brands too!

    Additionally, I’d like to see more US/UK brands make their way here! Nars is definitely one of my top choices, closely followed by Urban Decay. Maybe Sephora Singapore will bring them in soon =) Another brand I’d like to see is Eyeko. Though their products are available online, it’ll be great to have them readily available in stores here too! Their Eyeko Cream is a must have for me!

    haha whoa I guess i went on way more than i intended to..

    I would like to try out either the I Nuovi shadow, cos it sounds like a must have shade, or the Gransenbon Blush, cos Ive been wanting to try it for awhile but have not gotten it yet! haha.
    This is an awesome giveway Mag!

  • fwy says:

    Definetly NARS. I really want to try out Orgasm blush!

  • Stephanie says:

    OMG, so many … but if I really had to choose right now, I would say Urban Decay. So I do not always have to join sprees or ship from the US my beloved HG, UDPP. And very close to that would be OCC’s lip tars. Major drool.

  • idakz says:

    i would definitely like to see NARS and Barry M making their way here because NARS is highly raved and i’d like to swatch it without having to go overseas. as for Barry M, i want to try their lip paints but have read from sources that their customer service online is pretty bad so it would be a hassle to order online.

  • Sgcawaii says:

    I love to see Urban Decay in Singapore it was a while in Singapore no one appreciate it much. It ‘s quality is long lasting especially the eyeliners 24/7 range of colours, bonus to be animal testing free. It is affordable and freedom of makeup creativity with their product’s name.I really hope this is something Sephora or any buyers will really talk about it and bring it in.

  • bunnyvie says:

    I would love to see Urban Decay and Covergirl in Singapore! I can’t live without the UD 24/7 eye pencils and it would be so much easier to buy it in stores rather than through CP or ebay!

    It would be nice if NARS had a counter here too, but I suspect that the prices would be much higher as usual. It may be better to just buy their products online or from HK!

  • Hillary says:

    I would want candydoll to open a outlet in singapore!!!I havent seen this brand in singapore yet!!!Its selling hot in japan XD

  • everbluec says:

    I would love to see NARS, Urban Decay, Lush or Aqualabel fr Shisedo

    It would be interesting to see all those wonderful brands that pull out of Singapore again.

  • ann says:

    would really love to see the full range of GOSH stuff in SG!

  • iana says:

    I would definately love to see Covergirl here in Singapore.I have heard so much about them that I really wanted to try out their products!

  • Shikin says:

    Hi! I’d love to see Urban Decay here so I can get my UDPP fix cos that’s the only base that makes my eyeshadow last the whole day & night.

  • Rachel says:

    I’d love to see NARS, Urban Decay and Lavshuca! They all have high quality products which perform well and I’d love to be able to swatch and test the products rather than having to rely on online reviews if I order online.

  • Hui Yi says:

    I would like to see more Soap and Sorbet products in Singapore like their steam cream :D

    I would love to see more Japanese and Korean brands of make-up, skincare, haircare in Singapore!!

  • KS says:

    It’s probably an underated brand, but I would love to see Sofina in Singapore, as in my opinion, it has one of the best base makeup around.

  • Grace says:

    I would love to see brands like NARS, Urban Decay and LUSH! Not to mention more Japanese drugstore brands =)

    I really miss the time when LUSH was still in Singapore. I was still too young then to appreciate their products – I always walked past their store at Isetan after school, thinking their use of chalkboards was quaint, but never venturing further than the mall’s glass walls.

  • Eunice says:

    I’ll love to see Urban Decay in Singapore! I’ve heard raves about the eye primer and eye liner, which will be fantastic for my oily lids!

  • Bernice says:

    LUSH! SO sad that they withdrew from Singapore previously :(

    Apprehensive about ordering online as some items have a disclaimer that they may melt during shipping. I only get Lush when I go over to Taipei. Sigh!

  • Shan Shan says:

    I would like to see the full range of gransenbon stuff and also love clover blusher which look so cute =)

  • JJ says:

    Cover Girl – in fact it was once available here with no-fuss and fairly priced stuff

  • jaclyn says:

    i’d love to see jill stuart here in singapore – love their packaging!

  • jia ni says:

    I would love to see Lavshuca items on sale here, since Majorca Majorlica is already here!

    They have lots of lipsticks and eyeshadows I want to try!

  • Sugarcrumb says:

    Hi Mag! I would love to see more Korean brands in Singapore (or at least fuller ranges) – I love Etude House sooo much already! I’d also love for international brands like Nars, Urban Decay, Barry M and Illamasqua to set foot here. And for nail polish, it’d be great if we could easily get China Glaze in Singpore – they have such great colours! There – I’ve covered skincare, cosmetics and nails! LOL!

  • Ling says:

    I would love to see The Natural Source in Singapore again!

  • Annabel Ho says:

    It’s definitely NARs. Been lemming its arrival in Singapore and expecting Sephora to bring in it but was sadly disappointed twice. Can’t wait for the day when NARs hits town. :)

  • Ashley Lin says:

    Bath and Bodyworks! I love their shower stuff.

  • Slj Slk says:

    I would like to see Wild Ferns in Singapore because this range has a wide variety of skincare products which are nicely packaged and works well.

  • Mindy says:

    I would like to see Kevin Aucoin in Singapore. I’ve read awesome reviews if his products.

  • jm says:

    gosh, barryM, lush, covergirl – brands with items highly raved by beauty bloggers and youtubers but sadly we’ve no access to them in singapore. thanks for having this giveaway :)

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