Lunasol Nature Color Eyes in 01 Nature Blue

Lunasol Nature Color Eyes in 01 Nature Blue

If there’s a palette to rival Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in Blue Green Coral, Nature Blue may be it. Part of Lunasol’s Spring 2010 collection, this palette with the bevelled surface of undulating lines is such a pleasure to behold. The photos in this blog post are courtesy of that same friend who gave me Blue Green Coral. Accompanying the luscious pictures was an exhortation: “You must take a look at it when it arrives in Singapore!”

Lunasol Nature Colour Eyes in 01 Nature Blue

While I’m grateful to my dear friend for sending me such visual goodness to brighten a Monday, it left me with a yearning and some measure of despair because the collection hasn’t reached our sunny shores yet! :P I cannot wait for Nature Blue to arrive. Given its beautiful shades and complementary combination of colours, I’m fairly certain it’ll fly off the shelves in no time. 多谢你, 好朋友, for the awesome sneak preview! ;)


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