Review | I Nuovi Eyebase Eyeshadow Perfecting Base

One of my favourite eyeshadow bases, I Nuovi Eyebase (15 ml/S$31) is a quiet, unassuming little performer that lets eyeshadows shine. I purchased this when I was given an I Nuovi store tour last year and have loved it ever since.

Similar to the colour of its squeeze-tube packaging, this nude base in a light beige shade contains ‘sheer pearlized colour to correct eye lid skin tone’, according to the brand. Thanks to its subtle pearlised pigments, there is a certain brightening effect and it has an almost-luminous finish that imparts a your-eyelid-but-better appearance. Its ability to even out eyelid skintone is brilliant – there’s deft subtlety in the colour composition; the effect is natural and not overtly cosmetic.

Its smooth texture allows eyeshadows to glide easily onto the eyelids. When I first started using it, I was a little put off by what I perceived to be a tacky quality. It turned out that too much of it made a sticky/cakey base. I adjusted the quantity for use and really, only a smidgeon is necessary. Not only does this base prolong your eyeshadow wear (it keeps it on for hours), its efficacy with just a teensy bit also means the tube will go a long way.

This oil-free base dries down almost-matte to become a velvety foundation for your shadows. I would recommend this for lids that crease easily, be this caused by age lines or sebum. It isn’t shimmery at all (it does not rely on twinkly bits to deliver luminosity), making it the perfect base for people who want to keep their matte/satin eyeshadow colours true. It intensifies shadows to some extent but I prefer using my coloured bases over it for this purpose (it can function as a base for other bases too).

According to I Nuovi, this product – formulated in Japan and made in Italy – does the following:

Protects and moisturizes the sensitive eye area with nano-encapsulated coenzyme Q10 active complex and Aloe Leaf extracts for powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant benefits.

I’m not sure about the nourishing ingredients but my lids do feel moist and silky when this is on. Hugely popular in Hong Kong, I was informed by I Nuovi’s beauty trainer that the makeup connoisseurs in the SAR not only place this on the eye area, they also apply it all over the face as a foundation base! ;)

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Image source: I Nuovi Professional


  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    This is interesting – I’ve been looking at the i nuovi website for the last couple of days, debating if I wanted the gel-based foundation. This base definitely looks pretty and the finish seems so luminous…eyeshadows never crease/flake on me, they just disappear w/out a decent base since I have too dry lids and primers can sometimes dry them out further…

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Tuggie! :D

      The gel-based foundation is very light. Do try it out at the store first.

      Re: dry lids – do you use something more moist for your eyes then? Have you tried Lunasol’s eyeshadow base? This doesn’t have the lockdown of the I Nuovi one.

  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    I usually use Benefit’s F.Y.EYE or lemonaid, followed by a cream shadow (Benefit, EL or MAC) and the eyeshadow of the day, but I cut down on powder shadows for this reason and it started getting tedious. I stick to cream shadows these days (but the humidity and heat in the last couple of weeks haven’t helped one bit!) or use Clinique’s quick eyes – that gives me the finish closest to powder shadows.

    But Lunasol, eh, no, I haven’t tried it, will do so now. Thanks so much for the tip! I wanted to check out the gel-based foundation as an alternative to tinted moisturisers in our climate – will definitely try it out at the store then.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi TUG,

      I like Lemon-Aid! It’s one of the few things that I like from Benefit. MAC Paint Pots are nice, as are Shiseido Hydro Powders. The Lunasol base is a nude one and it’s very moist. It might have a bit of slidiness but I’ve found it to wear well (it will certainly intensify powder shadows). Good luck with the I Nuovi! ;)

  • Carol says:

    Hi Mag,

    thanks for your review on this… just wondering is this primer suitable for the under eye before applying concealer? cos i’m looking for something that can set my concealer without creasing into my fine lines….

    Thanks heaps!

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