Anna Sui Protective Base Makeup

Here is more information on the new Anna Sui Protective Base makeup I saw last Friday. Launched as part of the Spring 2010 line-up, they are available at all Anna Sui counters. All the makeup items combine UV protection with whitening ingredients and the letter ‘L’ denotes their long-lasting quality. Isn’t this a pretty visual? I love the eyes!

Protective Foundation Primer L SPF 38 PA++ (S$49)

This clear foundation primer provides a smooth, transparent base for foundations. Like some face primers, it has oil-control properties – it contains crystalline cellulose which absorbs excess sebum, as well as a sebum-absorbing powder that is specially blended into the formula. This base also functions as a sunscreen (it contains a high SPF 38 PA++).

Protective Fluid Foundation L SPF 20 PA++ (S$65)

Formulated to deliver a translucent finish, this lightweight foundation in a beautiful white rose bottle contains a ‘soft focus powder’ for a refined appearance. Moisturising water-based botanical ingredients enhance this effect by creating a silky finish. According to the brand, it contains minuscule capsules loaded with moisture and botanical goodness that easily penetrate the skin. In addition, the polymer-based formula ensures foundation longevity, while its anti-sebum absorbing powder helps to stay the oilies.

Protective Powder Foundation L SPF 28 PA++ (S$51 for the refill, S$23 for the compact case)

Housed in a gorgeous rose compact, this powder foundation promises to deliver a silky and dewy finish. ‘Clear smoothing powder’ conceals pores and evens out skin tone, while ‘resilient finish plate (RFP) powder’ and sebum-absorbing powder enhance resistance to oil and water, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

Like the fluid foundation, this product contains moisturising botanical ingredients. Added ‘sliding powder’ helps the foundation glide gently over the skin for a soft, feather-like finish.

Bring a sweet spring bloom to your day with Anna Sui’s new white rose compact case,
perfect in its beauty, delightful in its sweet simplicity.

The highlight of this product surely has to be the exquisite compact, a white rose blossom with detailed petals. Refillable, you can use this beautiful case again and again. ;)

Whitening Mask N (S$91 for 10 sheets)

Containing antioxidants and Whitening Rose Complex (an Anna Sui-exclusive skin-whitening agent made with carefully-selected rose extracts), this mask promises to brighten and moisturise skin. Made with ‘express penetrate base’ to enhance serum penetration, these thick sheets contain penetrative emulsion particles that allows skin to absorb active ingredients effectively.

Whitening comes courtesy of ascorbyl glucoside, a Vitamin C derivative that promotes skin whitening and is used in skin-lightening formulations. In addition, the Whitening Rose Complex has a ‘True Whiteness Factor’ that continuously controls the formation of melanin, sustaining the whitening effect.

Renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, who is also the creative director of Anna Sui Cosmetics, has this to say about the range:

“I am very excited about the launch of Anna Sui Protective Foundation L! Both Liquid and Powder foundations are formulated for long lasting wear, and contain highly effective UV protection ingredients which are so important to protect the skin in the hot weather months.

This naturally perfected skin look is the new standard in beauty, and is the ideal canvas to enhance the pastel and colorful makeup trends for Summer 2010.”

Image source: Anna Sui Singapore


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