CanCam May 2010 x Marc by Marc Jacobs

The May 2010  issue of CanCam magazine that is bundled with a Marc by Marc Jacobs mini tote has arrived at Kinokuniya.

Made of what seems to be nylon, the gwp has a pretty magenta base and is printed with ragged fuchsia hearts. I like the rough edges of the hearts; they give the print an air of whimsy. The thin handles are a reflective pink to match the colour theme. The bag is also accompanied by a round, plastic dangly in a hot pink reminiscent of the bandung drink (a rose syrup + evaporated milk combo that is well-loved in these parts). Embossed with the brand’s name, it can be removed to be used as a zipper pull on other accessories.

A ‘bag in bag’, this compartmentalised carrier keeps your things tidy in a bigger bag, giving you easy access to your accessories. I bought the magazine because this freebie would be perfect for my favourite Mango slouch bag in which I tend to lose things.

Measuring about 19 cm (length) x 7 cm (width) x 15 cm (height), this tote is much smaller than the generously-sized tote bundled with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2009 mook. It’s cute enough to be carried on its own but its petite size and its lack of a fastener might be a deterrent.

Priced at S$19.30, this mag [+its freebie] is so hot that only a few copies are left on the shelves, as of this afternoon. Not to worry though – if you can’t make it to Kinokuniya soon, you could always wait for the later shipment that comes by sea. :)


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