Jill Stuart We Love Jill! e-Mook Makeup Pouch

When I first saw these photos of the Jill Stuart 世界中が We Love Jill! e-Mook makeup pouch on Iris’s blog, I wondered if it’d be as classy-looking as its previous mook gift in real life.

Unfortunately, the baby pink pouch is made of canvas and not the smooth, satiny material of the latter. It is a sturdy material though and is dotted with bouquets of beautiful flowers, lending it the distinct aura of Jill Stuart beauty products.

I’m not fond of the generic zip pulls (I wish they were the smooth metal kind) and the polyester interior looks cheap. Nonetheless, the makeup bag has generous storage space and the many pockets/slots/compartments will be useful to any makeup maven. I appreciate the fact that the pouch has a flat pocket for tissue or cotton pads.

The pièce de résistance is the ribbon charm, of course. I love how the letter ‘J’, as well as a few curlicues, is detailed into the metal piece. This would make an especially lovely accessory for someone whose name starts with the same letter. :)

In Singapore, this mook (magazine book) can be found at Kinokuniya stores and costs S$31. The lovely Yumeko and Iris have more photos of/information on this mook+pouch~!

Image source: Amazon Japan


  • minirissa says:

    hi, i would like to know how will i able to buy this make-up pouch of jill stuart and how much will be the price. I lived here in winnipeg canada. thank you

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