Anna Sui Mini Spring/Summer 2010 Mook

Along with other Japanese magazines and e-Mooks, the Anna Sui Mini New York Spring/Summer 2010 Mook (S$31) is in at Kinokuniya. As I was approaching the Japanese books counter, the store assistants were busy allocating reserved copies. Fortunately, I was able to snag one, together with its accompanying giveaway item – a pretty purple tote with calligraphic letters reminiscent of Art assignments during my secondary school days!

Measuring 34 x 42 x 14 cm, this roomy tote is one of the nicest tote giveaways I’ve seen in a while.

It comes with a small zippered pouch measuring 13 x 17 cm. Both are made of a laminated material (polyester, I think).

While I saw a few loose threads here and there, the tote is generally well-sewn. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a fastener. A wide ribbon or scarf might help to rectify this though.

Its pockets are on the outside; on the back of the bag. Unusual but handy. This feature reminds me of the HamburGirl tote that came with Steady April 2010.

The mag has nice photos of the Anna Sui Mini line and I love some of the accessories and children’s clothing. I wish they made the dresses/tunics in adult sizes too! :)

Image source: Kinokuniya CBJB Promotions

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