Shiseido Maquillage Glossy Perfect Rouge and Lasting Perfect Rouge Lipsticks

Thanks to Shiseido Singapore, I was able to swatch a few lipsticks from the Maquillage Spring 2010 collection recently. Colour me impressed: Although it was a quick swatch session and I didn’t manage to swatch all of them, I was taken by the silky feel and luminous appearance of the lippies the moment I lay down each colour on my skin. Inspired by the pearl lustre of shells and the nuanced tones of corals, these lipsticks truly excite me, so lovely is their texture.

The Glossy Perfect Rouge range, as its name indicates, is shiny and glossy. Most of the lipsticks are infused with fine multi-coloured micro-shimmer that dance in the light. Available in nine shades, there is a wide range of fresh and subdued hues to choose from, for a moist and pearlised lip. Pictured are RS700, RS396, RD519, RD318, RD224 and PK203.

The Lasting Perfect Rouge range is as smooth in texture as the Glossy Perfect one but is slightly more pigmented and longer-lasting, as can be expected from the name. Available in seven shades, the lipsticks have a lovely gleam to them. I love their almost-downy feel—they hug the lips beautifully for a polished appearance. Pictured are RD334, PK753, RD559 and RD306. Don’t they look incredibly wearable?

These luscious lippies bear the signature silky texture that Shiseido is famous for and are exactly what you’d expect from this company well-known for lipsticks that glide on like a dream—even their mattes are amazingly lustrous (see the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipsticks in Glowing Matte).

They might seem pricey at S$49 but you get beautiful colour pay-off, refined radiance and wonderfully smooth texture with a feather-like feel! ♥

Image source: Shiseido Singapore


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