Crushed Canmake Blush

I came upon this sorry sight when I was looking for something in my daily makeup pouch. Unlike my Bourjois blush, my favourite Canmake Cheek & Highlight blush (Tea Rose Pink) did not fare so well in the makeup preservation stakes. I usually don’t bring blushes out but I had needed it for a touch up once and had left it inside the pouch ever since. To be fair, I should’ve known that the cheap plastic packaging isn’t the most secure of cases. I also remember Yumeko blogging about her cracked Canmake blush (it would have been more helpful to remember this not just in retrospect though :P).

The crushed product reminded me of Prescriptives Fresh Cut Cheek Color and Estée Lauder Blush Petals, little broken pieces of blush marketed as multi-dimensional blush potpourri.

Tea Rose Pink crumbled well and its two colours mingled to create a soft highlight. I decided to salvage the remnants by placing them into a Muji screw top container. The mouth of the pot is a little small but the Essential Beauty Supplies mini fiber optic blush brush, which I usually use with this blush anyway, fits it well! ;)

Image sources: Prescriptives and Estée Lauder


  • yumeko says:

    oh nooo u too!!
    dang i actually threw mine out

    cos then i had the NARS blush crumble and i am still upset over tat XD

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Yumie!

      Ooh, you could’ve kept the NARS and mixed that with the Canmake for a faux blush petal combination! That said, I wouldn’t wish more broken blushes for you (or me), so I’ll just say, “Be blush-safe!”. ;)

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