Review | MAC Digi-Pops Dazzle Lipstick in Hellraiser

I bought MAC Dazzle Lipstick in Hellraiser, not quite understanding the reason for its name but loving the multi-coloured sparkles in the pearlised lavender base. Perhaps the manic mix of shimmering bits alludes to rebel rousing, who knows?

This lipstick reminds me a little of MAC Frost Lipstick in Intricate but the sparkle particles are larger and brighter than those in the latter. Unlike Intricate, the texture of this lippy in the special Dazzle* finish is on the dry side and somewhat rough (no thank you, gritty glitter!).

This multi-dimensional lippy will make an interesting topper but it truly twinkles with a clear or coloured gloss over it. Besides, a lip-drenching gloss will not only highlight the colourful sparkles, it will also alleviate the dryness and roughness.

As with all MAC lipsticks in Singapore, this lip lovely retails at S$28…until the brand raises its prices once more later this year. Unfortunately, the MAC Pro discount is not applicable to anything from the Digi-Pops collection.

Together with Digi-Pops, three Look in a Box sets are part of MAC’s Nordstrom-exclusive collection for 2010. Oddly, Singapore is one of the few countries outside of North America to consistently receive the yearly MAC x Nordstrom beauty exclusives ahead of time/at the same time as the United States and Canada.

* According to MAC@Nordies, this new lippy formula is:

High-shine lip color meets triple-drama sparkle and shine when multi sizes of pearl pigments team up with rich, creamy color to create a superb glam-rock effect for the lips. Layerable. Long-wearing. Hydrating for smooth application.


  • chocfull says:

    Oh Mag, Is digi-pops excl to some MAC counters only? That glitter lippie you got is so pretty.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Farah,

      I’ve no idea. You will should have no problem finding it at NAC though! ;) You could call Tangs up to check if it would be/is there too.

  • gerberairis says:

    hi! thanks for the info for mac look in a box! i’m going to singapore next year from jakarta and hoping i can get the purple one.. which mac stores can i buy it? and do you know how much the retail price is? thank you!!!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Gerberairis,

      You’re welcome. Unfortunately, I don’t know the price and I’m not sure whether they’d still be available then.

  • Laura says:

    Hi, may I know how did u get the mac pro discount in Singapore? And how much discount will you get? Thanks :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Laura,

      You’ll have to write to MAC Singapore or obtain a form from the counter, I believe. I applied for mine directly through MAC New York or Canada (I can’t remember) but MAC will only accept applications through the MAC SG office now, for Singaporeans. The discount is generally 20%, applicable on certain items only.

  • chocfull says:

    Hey Mag, Have already gotten it a couple of days back! :)

  • chocfull says:

    I wanted the 138 brush so it was nice to get it part of the set for less. The bristles do feel the same so I hope they are. The brush roll is perfect timing for me coz I need to lug some brushes.

  • gerberairis says:

    oh dear i’m so sorry.. i mean next month i’m going to singapore not next year.. i hope it will still be available :)
    thanks again for you info :D

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