Review | Clinelle Eye Bright

Clinelle recently sent me Eye Bright (S$29.95) to try. According to the brand, the non-comedogenic formula of this drugstore eye cream includes botanical ingredients that combat eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles; firming and moisturising the eye contour area.

Here’s my take on it:

The Pros

  • It is soothing

I’d say this is the #1 pro factor for me. I absolutely appreciate how it immediately sinks into my skin, soothing my dry and beleaguered eye contour area, especially after I’ve removed my eye makeup and contact lenses. The swift relief is often palpable and my skin feels soothed as soon as I apply this cream; probably the result of the natural ingredients in the product. I’ve used eye creams from commercial brands that have stung upon initial contact with my sensitive skin even though they moisturise well, so this is a welcome quality.

  • It glides on smoothly and is easily absorbed

It has a light texture and isn’t too runny or gunky. I’ve come across a number of eye creams that stay slickly on the surface doing nothing, feeling like a coat of product on the eye area. Eye Bright sinks into the skin fairly quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

  • It makes a good undereye concealer base

Its smoothness and quick sink-in ability makes it an excellent undereye base.

  • It is packaged in a squeeze tube with a pointed tip

I detest eye creams that come in pot form. *shudder* I’ve also come across eye creams packaged in convenient tubes…but with a flat top (argh!). Easy-to-use squeeze tube packaging is something I always appreciate but the pointed tip of this eye cream was much welcomed by me because it is so much more hygienic this way. It’d be perfect if it were in a pump tube/bottle but I suppose this is good enough for a drugstore product.

The Cons

  • It doesn’t really reduce the appearance of my eye circles and eye bags

Unfortunately, they look the same even with regular use of this eye cream. The name is quite misleading too, in my case – I don’t see much improvement where brightening is concerned. It does prep the eye for concealer and other eye brightening makeup though, so I’d say it’s a secondary product that aids in adding radiance to the eye area rather than actually doing it. Interestingly, there was slightly less discolouration around my eyes when I employed some of Niu Er’s eye massage techniques!

  • It isn’t moisturising enough for me

The lines around my eyes are deepening, no thanks to my age – I’m seeing more wrinkles and my 30-something undereye area needs serious moisture and repair (I can only hope for the latter since I can’t reverse collagen breakdown *sob*). As such, this eye cream is not moisturing enough for me, even though it soothes well. If the brand makes one that is richer in texture, I’d be the first to try it!

Over all, I think Eye Bright could be a good day eye cream for people in their twenties or younger. Its light texture is easy to work with, plus it feels good on the skin. However, it doesn’t really address my personal eye area concerns such as wrinkles and eye bags. On me, it only brightens the eye in that it primes the area for other products that actually do it. If, however, you’re looking for something to soothe the skin around the eyes or prep the undereye area for concealer, I’d recommend this fairly affordable eye cream.

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