Jin Soon for MAC Nail Trend Fall/Winter 2010

While I was at a MAC Fabulous Felines event yesterday, I saw the newly-launched MAC Nail Trend Fall/Winter 2010 nail lacquer collection. As luscious as the Jin Soon for MAC Nail Trend Fall/Winter 2009 collection, this limited edition nail range is characterised by its rich tones and Orient-inspired names.

From left to right:

MAC Nail Lacquers in Ming Blue, Earthly Harmony, Jade Dragon,
Imperial Flower, Rain of Flowers and Concubine

These stunning shades somehow remind me of colourful Chinese brocade and tapestry. I think MAC nail polishes are often underrated; many of them wear very well! I’m also happy that they are an affordable S$19 in Singapore. ;)


  • Farah Dean says:

    I love the blue but I was rushing for dinner when I stop by MAC. Shall spend some time this coming week to get 1 or 2!

  • Farah Dean says:

    I went to dig out my OPI Ink today & it is much darker so I am going to head to MAC soon to get the blue. I just love rich blue hues now esp for my toes.

  • Farah Dean says:

    Heee ok next trip to HK I shall get them. I have lots of new unused polishes so I think they should last till then. I only paint my nails once a week. Sometimes I get lazy. I only do them 2 or 3 wks later. I do either nudes or dark cols. They also seldom/never chip on me so I get lazy-ier.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Farah,

      Tell me about it! I have quite a few bottles to try too. That’s the beauty of beauty products though – there is always something lovely to try. ♥

      I don’t do my nails regularly too (so time-consuming!), so I’d imagine mine look worse than yours any day, haha!

  • Farah Dean says:

    Yes Mag, they are time consuming. I only do toe nails coz I use my hands too much they will chip anyway & the hours I work, I have no energy to do touch ups. On the contrary I think too many products means too many to buy & so much clutter around. :p

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Farah,

      Me too – I seldom do my fingers as well, for the reasons you mentioned. ;) Tell me about the clutter! I’d packed my room a while back but now it’s filled with beauty stuff again, haha!

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