Review | MAC Nail Lacquer in Jade Dragon

One of my favourite polishes from the Jin Soon for MAC Nail Trend Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, MAC Nail Lacquer in Jade Dragon (S$19) stole my heart as soon as I saw it at the counter.

Although it looks shimmery in the bottle, it has an almost creamy finish and the teal micro-shimmer is only visible under strong lighting. It is this quality that makes it a sophisticated colour, setting it apart from most shimmer polishes. It applies smoothly but is only somewhat opaque with two coats – three would be perfect for a more even – deeper – appearance. I like how it sets off my skin tone; the contrast seems to make my fingers look clean and fair.

A word of warning though: This polish can stain the nails, so prepare your acetone and buffing blocks!


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