Tony Moly Singapore Price List

Here are the prices of Tony Moly products in Singapore.

As you can tell, this is an extensive list. Please credit this website if you intend to copy and paste the list on yours. I put a fair amount of effort into collating and formatting it – I will not appreciate seeing it reproduced in its entirety without any mention of the source. You are free to link to this page, of course.

Base Makeup (S$19.90 – S$49.90)

  • Aqua Moisture Pact
  • Baby Doll BB Powder
  • Baby Doll BB Foundation
  • Brightning Mineral Powder
  • Luminous Perfume Face Powder
  • Luminous Sheer Pact SPF30 PA+++
  • Luminous Sheer Powder
  • Mineral Skin-Fit Foundation SPF20, PA++
  • Mineral Skin Fit Powder Pact SPF25 PA++
  • Mineral Skin-Fit UV Snow Pact SPF30 PA+++
  • Prestige Moisture Soft Pact SPF27PA++
  • Real Essence Foundation SPF27 PA++
  • Primer Silky Perfect Primer
  • Primer Velvet Touch Primer

Point Makeup

  • Baby Doll Pot Concealer S$12.90
  • Backstage Duo Lip & Cheek S$32.90
  • Backstage Gel Eyeliner S$25.90
  • Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection S$45.90
  • Base Mascara S$19.90
  • Berry Lovely Girl Dual Lip Liner S$8.90
  • Berry Lovely Girl Jelly Lip S$8.90
  • Berry Lovely Girl Mascara S$17.90
  • Berry Lovely Girl Tint Stick S$19.90
  • Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer S$13.90
  • Berry Berry Lovely Lip Stick S$15.90
  • Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint S$12.90
  • Crystal Eye Decoration 01 White S$14.90
  • Crystal Glam Color Gloss S$19.90
  • Crystal Glam Plumping Gloss S$18.90
  • Crystal Glam Shine Gloss S$18.90
  • Crystal Light S$25.90
  • Crystal Mono Eyeshadow S$9.90
  • Crystal Stick Eye Shadow S$9.90
  • Crystal Tear Glitter Eye Liner S$14.90
  • Crystal Tear Glitter Eye Powder S$14.90
  • Double Needs Mascara S$25.90
  • Easy Touch Brush Eye Liner S$21.90
  • Excellent Duo Mascara S$32.90
  • Fresh Mint Lip Balm S$12.90
  • Kiss Lover Lip Stick S$19.90
  • Lovely Eyebrow Pencil S$9.90
  • Lovely Eyeliner Pencil S$9.90
  • Lovely Slim Lip Stick S$10.90
  • Maxi Volume Force Mascara S$32.90
  • Milky Tint S$18.90
  • Party Lover Auto Eyebrow S$15.90
  • Party Lover Auto Eyeliner S$15.90
  • Party Lover Cake Eyebrow S$23.90
  • Party Lover Gel Eye Liner S$19.90
  • Party Lover Liquid Eye Liner S$15.90
  • Party Lover Super-Fix Mascara S$19.90
  • Party Lover Tripple Dome Eye Shadow S$25.90
  • Prestige Lip Stick Glossy S$29.90
  • Prestige Lip Stick Moisture S$32.90
  • Prestige Mascara S$36.90
  • Prestige Super Proof Eyeliner S$24.90
  • Shimmer Lover Cube S$49.90
  • Simply Style Slim Mascara S$12.90
  • Simply Style Make-up Eraser S$19.90
  • Skinny Touch Brush Eyeliner S$21.90
  • Sweet Dual Lip Gloss S$16.90
  • Tony Tint S$15.90
  • Water Jelly Tint S$18.90
  • Very Glossy Face Brightener S$49.90
  • Very Shiny Eye Brightener S$49.90

Nails (S$4.90 – S$18.90)

  • Nail Enamel Basic Color
  • Nail Enamel Milky Color
  • Nail Enamel Nudie Color
  • Nail Enamel Pearl Pastel Color
  • Nail Enamel Real Color
  • Nail Lacquer Candy Candy Color
  • Nail Lacquer Paint Color
  • Partylover Nail Enamel Remover
  • Simply Style Nail Treatment

Cleansers/Makeup Removers (S$5.90 – S$29.90)

  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Foam
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Cream
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Gel
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Oil
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Face Scrub
  • Clear Magic Lip & Eye Remover
  • Clear Water Lip & Eye Remover
  • Collagen Essential Mousse Oil Cleanser
  • Delicious Grapefruit Cleansing Oil Gel
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Bubble Foam Cleanser
  • Dr. Tony AC Control White Foam Cleanser
  • Dr. Tony AC.Control Cleansing Foam
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Scrub Cleansing Foam
  • EX Virgin Olive Deep Cleansing Tissue
  • Puretox Cleansing Tissue
  • Puretox Cleansing Tissue (Mini)
  • Puretox Daily Foam Cleanser
  • Relaxing Aqua Marine Sherbet Cleanser
  • Tomatox Brightening Foam Cleanser
  • Vita Vital MX7 Calming Foam Cleanser
  • Vita Vital MX7 Cleansing Lotion
  • Vita Vital MX7 Foam Cleanser

Suncare (S$25.90 – S$32.90)

  • Sunshine Powdery Sun Milk SPF35 PA++
  • UV Sunset All Day Long Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++
  • UV Sunset Daily Sun Cream SPF30 PA++

Skincare (S$0.90 – S$69.90)

  • AC Control Pink Dip Spot Serum
  • AC Control Spot Patch
  • Age Stop Hand Cream
  • Aloe Cleansing Cream
  • Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream S$27.90
  • Aqua Peeling Mist S$27.90
  • Avocado Hand Cream
  • Avocado Lotion Homme
  • Avocado Skin Homme
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Cream
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Essence
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Eye Cream
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Lotion
  • Berry Berry Nutrivive Skin
  • Berry Berry NutriWhite Cream
  • Berry Berry NutriWhite Essence
  • Berry Berry NutriWhite Eye Cream
  • Berry Berry NutriWhite Lotion
  • Berry Berry NutriWhite Skin
  • Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Pack
  • Berry Berry Wrinkle Sleeping Pack Blueberry
  • Brightening Peeling Gel Lemon
  • Caviar Essential Cream
  • Caviar Essential Essence
  • Caviar Essential Eye Cream
  • Caviar Essential Lotion
  • Caviar Essential Skin
  • Collagen Essential Cream
  • Collagen Essential Essence
  • Collagen Essential Eye Cream
  • Collagen Essential Lotion
  • Collagen Essential Skin
  • Collagen Gel Eyemask
  • Charcoal Nose Strip S
  • Cottony Essence Sheet Mask
  • Detox Peeling Gel Oxyzen
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Emulsion
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Serum
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Spot Solution
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Toner
  • Dr. Tony AC Control White Emulsion
  • Dr. Tony AC Control White Toner
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Whitening Eye Serum
  • Dr. Tony AC Control Whitening Serum
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Gel Cream
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Pore Tightening Serum
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Sebum Control Serum
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Tightening Sleeping Pack
  • Dr. Tony Poreclear Toner
  • Egg Pore Blackhead-Out Oil Gel S$26.90
  • Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm S$32.90
  • Egg Pore Tightening Pack S$26.90
  • Essential Mask Sheet Pack S$2.50
  • Eye Lash Essence
  • Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eye Stick
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Cream S$42.90
  • Fresh Aqua Pure Drop Cream (White)
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Emulsion
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Essence
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Gel Cream (Blue)
  • Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Toner
  • Fresh Aqua Water Drop Serum
  • Fresh Peppermint Foot Mask
  • Fresh Tangerine Hand Mask
  • Gene-Science α Cream
  • Gene-Science α Emulsion
  • Gene-Science α Essence
  • Gene-Science α Eye Cream
  • Gene-Science α No.1 Booster Serum
  • Gene-Science α Toner
  • Green Apple Hand Mask
  • Gold Black Sugar Mask
  • Hanbang Mask Sheet Pack Red Ginseng
  • Ice Cool Sun Mist SPF30 PA+++
  • Ice Queen Crispy Green Tea Pack S$28.90
  • Ice Queen Crispy Tropical Pack S$28.90
  • Ice Queen Multi Play Cream S$29.90
  • Ice Queen Snow White Sleeping Cream S$32.90
  • Intense Repair Age Lifting Neck Cream
  • Intense Repair All About Eyes Program
  • Intense Repair Anti-Aging Formula
  • Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack S$53.90
  • Intense Repair Moist-Full Formula
  • Intense Repair Whitening Fomula
  • Intensive Firming Care C Zone Patch
  • Intensive Firming Care Lip Smile Patch
  • Juicy Feeling Mist
  • Lemon Sherbet Foot & Heel Smooth Cream
  • Lemon Sherbet Foot Mask
  • Lemon Sherbet Foot Mist
  • Lemon Sherbet Foot Scrub
  • Lovely Bergamot Foot Mask
  • Lovely Peach Hand Mask
  • Milk Hand Cream
  • Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask
  • Peach Anti-aging Hand Cream
  • Premium Berry Berry Watery Cream
  • Premium Herb Homme Lotion
  • Premium Herb Homme Skin
  • Premium Hydro Gel Mask Sheet
  • Puretox Daily Cream
  • Puretox Daily Essence
  • Puretox Daily Lotion
  • Puretox Daily Skin
  • Refresh Peeling Gel Sprout
  • Self Spa Treatment Mask
  • Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid S$19.90
  • Tangerine Moisture Hand Cream
  • Tea Tree Nose Strip
  • Tomatox Brightening All In One Fluid
  • Tomatox Brightening Essence
  • Tomatox Brightening Eye Serum
  • Tomatox Brightening Mask S$26.90
  • Tomatox Whitening Spot Corrector
  • Vita Vital MX7 White Emulsion
  • Vita Vital MX7 White Toner
  • Vita Vital MX7 Whitening Cream
  • Vita Vital MX7 Whitening Essence
  • Vita Vital MX7 Whitening Eye Serum

Body Care (S$19.90 – S$26.90)

  • Berry Berry Body Lotion
  • Berry Berry Body Mist
  • Berry Berry Body Oil
  • Berry Berry Body Scrub Wash
  • Berry Berry Body Wash
  • Citrus Juicy Body Lotion
  • Citrus Juicy Body Oil Mist
  • Citrus Juicy Body Souffle
  • Citrus Juicy Body Wash S
  • Herb Flavor Body Cream
  • Herb Flavor Body Lotion
  • Herb Flavor Body Oil Mist
  • Herb Flavor Body Scrub Wash

Haircare (S$12.90 – S$24.90)

  • Black Bean Hair Gel
  • Black Bean Hair Mist
  • Black Bean Hair Pack
  • Black Bean Hair Rinse
  • Black Bean Hair Shampoo
  • Black Bean Hair Therapy Gloss & Coating
  • Black Bean Hair Therapy Volume & Damage


  • Angeline says:

    Gosh. The price is like EtudeHouse = Expensive! T_T
    Expensive to peeps like me living on pocket money I mean.
    TFS and Nature Republic is better off this time round.
    But, what is good from this range? :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Angeline,

      Tony Moly is one of the higher-end brands in Korea too. I haven’t tried anything (yet) from the brand, so I can’t give you any proper recs. The Backstage collection looks nice though!

  • Sizbelle says:

    It’s really a long n detailed list!! Great effort in producing this…

    I’m lemming for the avocado hand cream, caviar eye cream n egg pore stuffs…

    Any recommendations?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Sizbelle,

      Thanks! I haven’t tried TM products yet, so have no recs for you, unfortunately. The Aqua Peeling Mist is quite interesting though – it sloughs off dead skin cells very quickly (I tested it at the store).

  • sizbelle says:

    Thanks Mag! Now you got me lemming for the Aqua Peeling Mist even the name sounds interesting… So TonyMoly is one of the high end brand in korea i din know that thought its kinda like TFS, etude house kind…

    • makeupmag says:

      You’re welcome, Sizbelle!

      I’m not sure if Tony Moly is considered high-end in Korea but it’s definitely costlier in Korea itself, compared to Etude House and The Face Shop.

  • Farah Dean says:

    Tomatox is about S$15 in HKG, tt’s quite a lot more to pay here. Hv yet to try mine. I wld love to check those es tho & browse the range of stuff they hv.

  • Tammy says:

    do u pls know how much for blueberry mini lip balm in SGD? Thanks

  • vernice says:

    hii there do you know how much the tony moly aqua cooling cushion cost?

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