Anna Sui Rockin’ Wonderland Holiday Collection 2010

Here are the prices of/information on the products from the limited edition Anna Sui Rockin’ Wonderland Holiday/Christmas Collection 2010.

Eye Color Crayon (S$35) ★

Pearly eyeshadow pencils in:

  • 001: Crystal White
  • 002: Fantasy Black
  • 100: Romantic Blue
  • 200: Fantasy Purple
  • 700: Rock’n Beige
  • 800: Crush Gold
  • 900: Star Green

Makeup Collection 2010 in 01 and o2 (S$84 each) ★

Both comprise:

  • Gel Eye Color, a gel-based cream shadow
  • Lip Gloss, a sparkly non-sticky lipgloss
  • Cheek Color, a matte+pearlised blush
  • A star-studded makeup pouch (approximately H10 cm x W14 cm x D6 cm)

01: Gel Eye Color 2010 in Sparkle Lavender, Lip Gloss 2010 in Sparkle Pink, Cheek Color 2010 in Sparkle Pink
02: Gel Eye Color 2010 in Stardom Gold, Lip Gloss 2010 in Stardom Orange, Cheek Color 2010 in Stardom Orange

Lip Color Collection IV and Eye Color Collection IV (S$65 each) ★

Anna Sui’s popular hand mirror in signature purple and princess white, containing a mix of lip and eye colours.

Nail Color N (S$24) ★

Glittery polish in:

  • 012: Carnival Clear
  • 109: Navy Blue
  • 321: Holiday Pink
  • 505: Sparkle Gold
  • 607: Carnival Orange

Mirror Charm (S$47) ★

Necklace Rouge (S$75) ★

Made of resin and Swarovski crystal, this necklace charm with a chain measuring 85 cm comes in two shades: 01 Fancy Pink and 02 Playful Orange.

Beauty Box (S$35) ★

Image source: Anna Sui


  • Amy says:

    oh how beautiful are the packaging? I don’t own any Anna Sui products, but these look so amazing that I want to try them out! =)

  • Miss Krimson says:

    honestly i am not impressed by this collection…. saw it in person……and the necklace for $75, honestly was super cheap! plastic! with a cheap chain…. it was so light! :S

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Miss Krimson,

      I saw them all and think the sets are value for money. The mirror charm would make a nice luggage tag too. That said, the necklace rouge could do with more heft, I agree. It looks nice but I do wish it were heavier.

  • Anna Crystal says:

    One month ago I was SO about to pre-order one of the make-up pouches, but in the meantime I ordered too many other Asian stuff, it’s ridiculous – so no money for AS left, hahaha

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Anna,

      Do splurge on some of the sets; they are quite value for money. If anything, you should purchase the AW10 shadow duos – they’re gorgeous! :)

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