Lancôme Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation

Already available in Japan, the new Maqui Miracle Compact from Lancôme, also known as Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation*, is a powder foundation made with the same technology as the brand’s popular Teint Miracle. (Click on the link for specific details regarding this makeup breakthrough.)

Like the latter, Maqui Miracle promises to impart radiance from within, recreating the aura of glowing skin.

I love Teint Miracle, so I was quite excited about the Maqui Miracle preview I was invited to last weekend.

Besides the same Aura-Inside™ technology that imparts ‘inner light radiance’, as well as ‘natural, shine-free and brightening translucency’, what else is special about this compact foundation?

According to the brand, Maqui Miracle has:

  • Ultra-fine powder pigments that give a flawless, poreless finish.
  • A light and airy sensation on the skin.
  • A colour-fade resistant formula that lasts 12 hours, thanks to its hydrophobic and lipophobic ingredients. Simply put, these ingredients resist water and oil – sweat and sebum – so the foundation will not oxidise or change colour easily. ;) Maqui Miracle also contains a patented hybrid bowl filler that helps to absorb sebum, providing oil-control.
  • A mineral-based formula that is not only suitable for sensitive skin, it also improves the clarity of skin.
  • A higher UV protection value of SPF 35/PA+++, compared to the SPF16/PA++ value of Teint Miracle.

This powder also comes with a dual-sponge, a two-sided sponge that helps you to create your desired coverage. The velvety porous side deposits the powder, while the silky smooth side helps to blend out the product.

Made in Japan, Maqui Miracle will be available in 8 Asian-specific shades in Singapore. The shade codes do not correspond to those of Teint Miracle, so it is necessary to match your skintone to this new powder foundation, at the counter.

At first swatch, these are comparable to the ultra-silky powders you find in the Japanese makeup market (and no wonder, considering their country of manufacture). I was taken with the velvety texture of these tester pans, as well as their undeniably smooth glide.

The refill pan will retail at S$65, while the case is priced at S$27.

The 9-gram refill pan clicks securely into the hole in the compact specially reserved for it.

Although I was thrown by the hole initially, I now realise the genius design – this eliminates the fuss and fumbling that come with inserting/removing conventional refill pans (plus there’s no need for gloppy gobs of glue, thank goodness!~).

The clasps secure the pan, allowing it to sit perfectly in its allocated space.

As with all powder foundation compacts, the sponge has a well of its own; adjacent to the powder pan.

The sleek white compact is so pretty and feminine with the signature Lancôme rose! ♥

Maqui Miracle will launch in Singapore on 1 March 2011.

If you would like to find out more about Maqui Miracle before its official launch:

  • Visit any Lancôme beauty counter to receive a 2-minute Aura Bright flash foundation touch-up and Maqui Miracle shade-matching from 17 February 2011.
  • Register on the Lancôme Singapore website and participate in their My Miracle Foundation online poll from 17 February 2011 to receive a complimentary Maqui Miracle trial-sized compact foundation.

Do visit the Lancôme Singapore Facebook page for beauty updates and chances to win Lancôme products. ;)


I’ve tried this on my face and like it very much, so I’m really looking forward to its liquid version, Maqui Blanc Miracle Liquid, which will be launched here in May 2011!

* In Japan, Maqui Miracle is known as Maqui Blanc Miracle.

Image source: Lancôme Singapore and Lancôme Japan


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