Daiso Plastic Fan

I’m so happy about this little find that I have to share it with you! A foldable plastic fan, it was highly recommended by Amy who first posted a photo of it on Twitter. She later texted me on WhatsApp to tell me that it’s well-made and sturdy.

True to her word, this portable wind-maker not only has firm plastic planes that unfold evenly from the central hinge, it also feels good in the hand. More importantly, it fans really, really well, creating a draft worthy of a mini electric fan!

Sceptical Kas, who was with me at Daiso, dismissed it at first because of the plastic material but once she tested it, our ‘waaahs’ resounded through the aisle and further. ;) Later, she demonstrated it to our friends at the Shu Uemura Ion anniversary event, where Sophia wryly remarked that she was practically fanning half the store. :D

I’m so grateful to Amy for this amazing – and incredibly affordable (only S$2!) – rec; I’ve been wanting a foldable fan for ages, no thanks to Singapore’s hot climate. In moments of desperation, I’d resorted to using miserable pieces of paper or even my EZ-Link card; now I no longer need to rummage in my bag for something to fan myself with!


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