Review | Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist in BE354 Pearl Beige

A subdued beige shot through with sparkles, Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist in BE354 Pearl Beige is the perfect wear-and-go cream shadow for people who love multi-dimensional shimmer.

Its taupe base blends beautifully into my MAC NC20-25 skintone, allowing the colourful sparkles to take centrestage. The shimmer in Pearl Beige veers towards glitter; in fact, I’d say that it is halfway between the two. Like Crystal Cream, it has the fineness of shimmer as well as the multi-faceted, light-reflecting colours inherent in certain glitters.

Not only does it have kaleidoscopic gleam, it is also waterproof, able to withstand liquid onslaughts. I use this dramatic term because I was once at a waterplay park with my children wearing this and to my surprise, the Eye Fantasist did not streak or fade. Instead, it managed to keep the powder shadows I’d layered over it somewhat intact.

Although the sparkles show up under powder eyeshadow, its formula works best with cream shadows. It also makes a good base for pencil liners smudged as shadows; the sparkles that peep through are so pretty!

I love this so much that I’d bought a back-up. As it turns out, this was a wise decision – sadly, the Eye Fantasist range has been discontinued. A real shame this is, considering how stunning and lasting they are.


  • Kas says:

    Totally agree on how its so sad that these have been discontinued – I regret not picking up more earlier. I wanted a couple more :/

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Kas,

      It’s such a pity, really; Eye Fantasists are superb cream shadows with shimmer complexity! In fact, I’d say they’re like the MAC MESes in terms of sparkle, only not as deep in tone.

  • Karen says:

    Hi hi !!

    Does yours sound watery when you shake it ? One of mine sounded like it’s filled with water I side :(
    And mine is only at most 2 years old ..

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