Spirulina and Chlorella from Watsons

Last Sunday, my hubby and I visited the newly-renovated Watsons store located opposite the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh Central. While I was busy checking out the beauty shelves, he picked up Red Sun Spirulina (S$49.05) and Life Compact Pure Chlorella (S$26), both of which are made in Japan.

Known as superfoods, spirulina is an antioxidant that apparently also gives the body the nutrients it needs and replenishes those that it has lost, while chlorella purportedly boosts immunity and helps in the removal of toxins.

Derived from blue-green algae (hence their unappetising shade of green), they are often taken together as one replenishes (补), while the other detoxifies (排毒).

The online literature on these supplements seems compelling but I’m hesitant to take either as I’m nursing my little one. A study apparently showed that Japanese women who took chlorella during pregnancy saw an increase in antibodies in their breast milk. However, I’m sceptical about this as the study only involved 35 women! :P

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