Review | Clinique Lipgloss/Lipstick Duo in Black Honey

Part of The New Black Collection from Clinique, this nifty dual-ended lip product has Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Black Honey on one end and the iconic Almost Lipstick in Black Honey on the other.

Use them together or on their own; it’s a great way to have both the moisturising feel of the lipstick and the shine of the gloss. I like how the complementary honeyed hues layer beautifully for neutral lips with a soft, glossy gleam.

The sheerness is buildable and the wonderful thing about the lipstick is that it functions much like a palliative for parched lips. It won’t obscure chapped bits, of course but its soothing glide helps to soften them. I love its dewy finish. The gloss has a subtle shine that enhances that of the lipstick. It is somewhat sticky but doesn’t feel gunky. An added bonus is the sun protection you receive with it.

While the pairing is ideal, the dual-ended mechanism doesn’t favour the lippy end – the barrel isn’t very sturdy and the cap is a touch loose (it won’t fall off but you must make sure you click it on). It doesn’t help that the lipstick is somewhat soft too – care is needed when opening it and screwing it up (ha!) for application, otherwise you’ll get smooshed Black Honey (no!). As with such dual-ended products, the two ends also feel a little imbalanced.

That aside, this is a good product to own, especially if you love the bitten berry hue of this popular lipstick and would like a little more shine and dimension from its corresponding gloss.

Alas, it cannot be found in Singapore (I was fortunate to receive this preview sample from Clinique Travel Retail). If you’re travelling to or through the UK, however, you can find this duo (£13.60) at World Duty Free, where it is exclusively available, together with the rest of The New Black collection which includes the limited edition Color Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Black Honey (£19.55) and Gradient Powder Blusher in Black Honey (£20.40). World Duty Free also carries the original Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, which I believe is part of the regular Clinique range there.


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