Review | Laneíge Styling Romantic Blusher in 01

Part of the Laneíge Holiday 2011 makeup collection is Laneíge Styling Romantic Blusher in 01 (S$49).

It contains four flattering shades and has a pretty print on its surface.

Comprising a shimmery mauve, a matte sweet pink, a matte mid-tone purple (more thistle than lavender) and a reflective lilac, this cool-toned palette is fairly versatile with its offering of different textures and tones.

(The fifth swatch is that of all four colours combined.)

When I received the preview sample, I was quite charmed by the print inspired by the architectural motifs of the Baroque era. More than that, I love the fact that there’s a purple in it!

Purples aren’t easy to wear but I’m always on the lookout for purple/lavender blushes to complement certain eye looks. My current favourite is MAC Sakura from the Quite Cute! collection but I’m thrilled that I now have another option.

The compact comes with a flat and wide brush in the lower compartment. The brush feels soft enough (it’s definitely not scratchy) but is nowhere as luxe in feel as the RMK Pressed Powder N (P), which is softer and fuller.

I do find fault with the mechanism of the compact, though – the upper section where the blush pan resides can actually flip all the way up. While it fully reveals the included brush, this kind of flippant (ha!) hinging compromises the safety of the blush.

This blush palette is perfect for people who love just a kiss of colour on the cheeks as the colours are generally sheer. However, they can be built up to a medium tone with denser brushes. I would’ve preferred them to be a little more pigmented but the subtle touch guards against heavy blush flush, which is always a good thing when it comes to cheek colour. They don’t apply too faintly or unevenly, thankfully.

If you’d like them to show up better, it would be best to layer them over a cream blush. Mixed together (I dust the given brush in the centre where the four shades meet), they impart a soft glimmery pink that seems suited to many eye looks. Interestingly, I was told that this palette can double up as eyeshadow. I haven’t tried them this way but I imagine they would work as such, given the harmonious hues.

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Image source: Laneíge Singapore


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