A Gift! – Kiko Colour Sphere Eye Shadow in 26

July 28, 2012

A thoughtful gift from my dear beauty pal Iris, this stunning eyeshadow is one-of-a-kind in my extensive makeup stash.

A gunmetal infused with metallic rainbow sparkles, I was charmed by the foiled appearance of the finely-milled colourful shimmer.

Though pretty, sparkly fallout is unfortunately inevitable with this shadow. A good eyeshadow base helps, as does wetting it; the latter bringing out the grey and the multi-dimensional quality of the iridescent particles.

It looks almost ordinary from afar but up-close, the complex rainbow sparkles show up well and catch the light beautifully.

It applies smoothly on the eye but works best with a slightly tacky base for shadow adherence, as well as for increased intensity. The shadow is best pressed on with a fingertip or a dense brush to ensure even application.

Made in Italy, this brand can be found in Europe, though I’m not sure exactly where. Thank you, Iris, for adding yet another gem to my makeup collection! ♥

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2 Responses to A Gift! – Kiko Colour Sphere Eye Shadow in 26

  1. July 28, 2012 at 5:06 am

    I’m so glad you like it! I’ve been meaning to try this for ages, perhaps will do so this week! Kiko has stores mainly in Italy with a few in France.

    • makeupmag
      July 29, 2012 at 2:26 am

      Thank you again, Iris. I enjoyed our convo earlier…it’s been too long since we’ve spoken. *hugs*

      Looking forward to your blog post on your Kiko shadows. :)

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