Le Labo Fragrances in Singapore

Fragrance connoisseurs will be pleased to know that cult perfume brand Le Labo is now available in Singapore.

Based on a hand-made/made-to-order concept, the components of the scents are put together in a fragrance lab where the sense of smell is slowly roused, and the public is able to take a closer look at – and sniff – the raw materials.

Reflective of its promise of quality ingredients, the Le Labo collection is highly concentrated in essential oil (15% to 30%). It is also cruelty-free and does not use any animal-derived ingredients, making the scents suitable for vegans.

The excerpt above succinctly describes the unique nature of Le Labo scents. Meticulously concocted in front of the customer, you will be assured of the freshness and integrity of your fragrance.

Le Labo Rose 31 is an award-winning perfume from the niche brand. An unusual interpretation of the rose, this scent is closer to the stem of the flower than the bloom itself.

Notice the digits behind every fragrance? They denote the number of ingredients that make up each scent. ;)

This dazzling bergamot combines freshness, sweetness and sensuality with acrobatic talent. All these qualities were encompassed in the perfume’s initial code name: “Fire Cologne”…
It’s the delicate floral character of petit grain, the bitterness of grapefruit, as well as the flamboyant sweetness of amber and musk with a virile touch of vetiver,
which gives Bergamot 22 its unique personality… 

– Le Labo

My fragrance of choice was Eau de Parfum in Bergamote 22, a pleasing jus composed of sweet floral notes that I love, laced with other interesting accents.

I was privvy to its creation process at the Le Labo olfactory nook at Escentials Paragon:

Pipettes at the ready



Drop by drop…


New home

 Securing the spritz nozzle


A good roll for a thorough infusion

Voilà! Swirled perfection.

The ingredients for the fragrance are strictly controlled, yet it was a fascinating experience watching my scent being brought to life by the trained Escentials staff.

It struck me that while the mixology process for this perfume (and even conventional scents) might be clinical in its precision, an intangible magic (alchemy?) actually occurs within fragrances themselves and when they’re released. No wonder tomes aplenty have been dedicated to the olfactive arts!

After a Le Labo fragrance has been swirled to perfection, it is affixed with a personalised label. (Just tell the staff what you’d like printed on it.)

It is then sealed in a box with yet another customised sticker label…it’ll make a nice gift, yes? ;)

I love the dressed-down modern packaging: From the glass bottle to the cardboard box to the typewriter font of the labels, the simplicity speaks to my fuss-free, laid-back style.

The brand recommends that you let the fragrance sit for a few days to bring out the fullness of the scent.

The fragrances have an ancillary line that includes a paraben-free body collection comprising massage oil, perfume balms, shower gels and body lotions. It also offers room sprays and hand-poured candles (100% soy wax and cotton wicks).

Specially aged to impart a distressed appearance for a vintage feel, the crushed-metal look of the tin cans that house the candles characterises the brand’s urban chic.

In Singapore, Le Labo scents are just under S$230 for 50 ml and can be created at the Escentials boutiques at Paragon and Marina Bay Sands.

Image source: Le Labo

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