Estée Lauder Flagship Boutique at Tangs Orchard

Here’s the new Estée Lauder flagship boutique at the revamped Tangs Beauty Hall.

Bigger and longer than before, this new space boasts a Global Best Sellers Wall, a  360 Degree Bar and a Skincare Discovery Bar.

Cleanly laid-out and more easily accessible now, the new offerings (thank you, Tom Pecheux!) at the makeup bar look enticing under the lights.

I’m still not fond of the gold packaging but it is a distinguishing trait of the brand. The colour range is so much better now – silky, richly-pigmented and in the case of the lipsticks and some of the nail lacquers, multi-dimensional.

The Skincare Bar is virtually a best of EL skincare through the years. I’ve grown up with some of these stalwarts and they’re still relevant till today.

In addition to the Skincare Bar, customers can retreat to the Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Oasis – a small space dedicated to the brand’s ultra-luxe range – to enjoy and explore Re-Nutriv products.

Everybody wants a little luxury in life.

– Estée Lauder

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