Skittles Nails

Skittles Nails

Colourful nails always make me smile, so this recent notd – with its obvious inspiration – was a sooner-or-later thing. :)

Tom Ford Beauty Carnal Red, Pa A76, Dollywink 10, Estee Lauder Absinthe and Urban Decay Meltdown

I tasted the rainbow mani-curiously with Tom Ford Beauty Carnal Red (strawberry), Pa A76 (orange), Dollywink #10 (lemon), Estée Lauder Absinthe (apple) and Urban Decay Meltdown (grape).

They aren’t exact shade matches; I’m still on the lookout for the right tones and would be grateful for any recs!

Skittle Boxes

Here are the juicy candies in a nifty box that opens from the top for a sugar rush, as well as on the side for a sweet treat or two at a time. ;)


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